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From movie stars, musicians, and skate-boarders to toys, technology, and history, Giant Robot magazine covers cool aspects of Asian and Asian-American pop culture. Paving the way for less knowledgeable media outlets, Giant Robot put the spotlight on Chow Yun Fat, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li years before they were in mainstream America's vocabulary.

But Giant Robot is much more than idol worship. GR's spirited reviews of canned coffee drinks, instant ramen packs, Japanese candies, Asian frozen desserts, and mar-inated bugs have spawned numerous copycat articles in other publications. GR's historical pieces on the Yellow Power Movement, footbinding, Asian-American gangsters, and other savory topics have been cited by both academics and journalists. Other regular features include travel journals, art and design studies, and sex. Giant Robot is now publishing exclusively online with plans to release annual "mooks".

Although Giant Robot has an Asian pop culture focus, it has earned a loyal readership of all colors. The readers are about half-Asian and half-not. With consistently superior editorial content, innovative design, and a no-hold-barred attitude, Giant Robot has earned noto-riety across a diverse crowd ranging from high schoolers to senior citizens.

Giant Robot currently operates Giant Robot 1, Giant Robot 2, and gr/eats all in West LA.



Eric Nakamura, Publisher / Editor
Eric graduated from UCLA with a degree in East Asian Studies. He got his start in magazine making through a stint at Larry Flynt Publications. In addition to publishing issues of GR, Nakamura has made an independent movie called Sunsets, shot photos for punk rock bands, and designed t-shirts. Eric is currently the giantrobot.com editor.

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