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SDCC x GR 1729 – Giant Robot Exclusives Cheat Sheet


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SDCC X GR 1729 Exclusive Yukinori Dehara Goods

We are long time friends with Yukinori Dehara. His passion, creativity and business acumen is inspiring. While he seemingly does what he wants, he’s quite studied as well. We have a few of his items, most are small vinyl figures! They tend to sell out, so get to us early!


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Perhaps more TBA.


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SDCC x GR 1729 – Yoskay Yamamoto – Flowers

Coming off of his exhibition at Giant Robot 2, Yoskay Yamamoto created single flowers in his painted vases. There’s only 9 of them. Yes, 9. They’re original and perfect. We’ll have them, and they’ll be sure to go. We will also bring some Yoskay Yamamoto prints as well. If you’re lucky, you might meet him at our booth. sdcc1

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SDCC X GR 1729 Exclusive 9 – Assorted Figures from Ryuca

Ryuca! She’s new to most and has been exhibiting in Japan, Taiwan and Korea in the last few years. We were bestowed a small collection of figures. She’s completely sold out in Japan, so this is your chance to get some of her pieces. Watch for her to expand her horizons sooner than later and we’ll hopefully be there too.


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GR2: Sun Aug 3 2-5pm Yukinori Dehara X Katsuya Terada LIVE DEMO and BOOK SIGNING

For Immediate Release, yes please release!

August 3rd, 2014 Sunday 2-5pm

Join us in a one time only event. It’s free, although it could get crowded.

Illustration legend Katsuya Terada and Character Illustrator Yukinori Dehara combine forces in a LIVE DEMO of art making at GR2. The subject, Japanese Yokai (supernatural monsters).

2-3pm – Dehara Terada LIVE Painting and Molding DEMO

3-5pm Katsuya Terada will sign his new book DRAGON GIRL AND MONKEY KING. We will have books in stock. (if you can’t make it, you can order a signed copy on our website).

GR2 – 2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025 310.445.9276 teradadehara

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GR2: Sun Jul 20 2-3:30pm – Edwin Ushiro Art Talk

For Immediate Release. Yes, please release it.

Sunday July 20th, 2014 2 – 3:30pm.

Edwin Ushiro will do a talk about his process of creating work and perhaps tell stories about some of the pieces shown in Gathering Whispers, his solo exhibition at GR2. We’ll show images and hopefully, you’ll ask some questions. Here are some moments from Edwin Ushiro’s opening. (link) Here’s a HiFructose write up. (link). Thanks much.

GR2 – 2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025. 310 445 9276 [email protected]

EDWIN USHIRO talk A Broken Love Sonnets.jpg

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GR2: Gathering Whispers Edwin Ushiro Reception Images


It’s near impossible to capture the love, friendship, and togetherness of Edwin Ushiro’s solo exhibition, Gathering Whispers in a short review like this. The images on the walls tell stories of situations that he’s dreamed and witnessed. Some are nostalgic, and others are symbolic. Yet, they capture a feeling of living in a place that’s lush and living as compared to Southern California. The energy of Ushiro’s work are vibrant. They capture each emotions. The reception was more of the same. Ushiro’s family got together from Hawaii, East Bay California, and from Southern Califronia. Friends from everywhere came out and unlike many exhibitions, many didn’t want to leave. Ushiro is a magnetic person. He’s sweet, funny, and insanely talented. Exhibitions aren’t always yelling for attention. Some travel slightly under the radar, filling people will contemplation.

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SDCC X GR 1729 Exclusive 8 – Katsuya Terada Print and T-Shirts

Katsuya Terada has art exhibitions at Giant Robot. In fact he’s scheduled for one at the end of the year at Giant Robot 2 in LA. To hold you over, we’ll be releasing a print in an edition of 50. It’ll be 11×14 and in an edition of 50 for $50. We will also have three T-shirts. One is a Hot Pot Girl shirt from his exhibition last year at Giant Robot 2. It’s a collaboration T-shirt with Giant Robot, and at $23 is economical, yet beautiful. It’s also silkscreened. The second and third are T-shirts he’ll be bringing from Japan. They’re printed larger and if you look closely, are more of a garment. These are in more limited quantity (25 of each) and will be $35.


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SDCC X GR 1729 Exclusive 6 – Mugs on a Shirt – Mugs on a Mug

I’m not an artist, but I draw little faces of the people around us. This is how it manifests. The T-shirt came out great. It’s a giant array of tiny faces. People have been finding themselves in the grid. Are you in there? Also I would ask myself, where does this obsessiveness to draw them in columns come from? I have no idea. Mugs on a Shirt will go well with the Mugs on a Mug. We’ll have them at Comic-Con and they’ll be at Giant Robot store.


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SDCC x GR 1729 Exclusive 7 – Luke Chueh Head Space Series “Father / Fett” 2 Print Set

It’s always great to do something with Luke Chueh. In case you know his work, but don’t know the man, he is one of the most creative persons I know. He can problem solve, come up with ideas, and make what seems to be impossible, work. His Head Space series has been a hit and this set of “Father / Fett” two print set will be in edition of 100. 50 of which will be released at the almighty Comic Con SD, beginning on Preview Night Wednesday. The other 50 will go online on August 4th. Monday at 12 noon PST. It’s 11×14 paper with a 9×12 image. The original paintings currently hang at the Oakland Museum of California: Super Awesome Art and Giant Robot.


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SDCC x GR 1729 Exclusive 5 – Big Boss Robot Wood Laser Keychains


These just look too cool! We’re excited to have some GR Big Boss Robot keychains! These are laser cut on alder wood by our friend Charlton Yu. We’ll have merely 24 pieces.


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GR2: Aug 2 – Aug 20th, 2014 Tiny Little Objects Yukinori Dehara


Giant Robot is proud to present Tiny Little Objects – Yukinori Dehara

Aug 2 – Aug 20th, 2014

Opening Reception with the Artist: Aug 2, 2014, 6:30-10:00 PM

Giant Robot 2 – 2062 Sawtelle Boulevard – Los Angeles CA 90025

Yukinori Dehara’s latest work strays from his past of creating boxed original sculptures. His latest entry into the figure world are minuscule versions of his art pieces. In what we’d call a smart move to do something completely different from the years of sculpting paper clay and then packaged to appear like a toy figure, these pieces will have it’s freedom and at the same time, be intimate. You’ll have to move in closer to see his objects.

On AUGUST 3rd 2-3:30pm, Dehara will work with Katsuya Terada on Japanese Yokai monsters. The details for this event will emerge, but thus far it appears to be a demo of live art.

For any questions about Tiny Little Objects, Giant Robot or anything else, please contact:

Eric Nakamura

[email protected]


Twitter Instagram Facebook

About Yukinori Dehara

Character designer Yukinori Dehara has worked with Giant Robot on exhibitions for nearly a decade. His works usually follow a topic ranging from Yakuza, monsters to salary men, and at the same time, makes social commentaries of Japanese society. His “freelance” work includes one of Japan’s largest chocolate manufacturers, Meiji Chocolate. Although he appears shy, he can be quite opposite, often participating in public performances.

About Giant Robot

Giant Robot was born as a Los Angeles-based magazine about Asian, Asian-American, and new hybrid culture in 1994. Over the past 20 years, the Giant Robot brand has expanded to include retail stores and galleries in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, a restaurant, museum and gallery exhibitions, and a popular website. Considered by many as influential in Asian Popular Culture and in pop culture circles in general, it has become an important outlet for a generation of emerging artists, several of whom have achieved mainstream success.

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SDCC x GR 1729 Exclusive 4 – Giant Robot 20th Anniversary GR1 & GR2 Pack

It’s been 20 years since Giant Robot zine was published. It was also my first Comic-Con experience and I’ve made it back every year since. We reprinted a run of GR1 & GR2 for Zine Fest LA and we printed up a brand new batch. We’ll have 100 GR1 & GR2 Zine Packs and each has at least four “vintage” GR exhibition postcards including the ever elusive Ray Fong (Barry McGee) postcard from his exhibition at GR2. People sell this card on auction websites for too much money, but you can get one with each pack. Also included will be a GR sticker and a button! I wrote a short introduction for each issue and that’ll be in there as well.


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SDCC x GR 1729 Exclusive 3 – Hone Marilla GID by Mari Inukai

Giant Robot presents: Mari Inukai – who will be a resident at the Giant Robot booth. It doesn’t mean she’ll be there 24-7, but she will spend the majority of her time at SDCC hawking goods, making smiles, and drawing. We’ll have the Hone Marilla GID! $100 and it comes with a small original drawing. It’s displays beautifully. Also, DAILY mini-print releases. We’re working out the editions and details. Stay tuned!


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SDCC x GR 1729 Exclusive 2 – Sparq the Baby Dragon by Flat Bonnie

We’ve known Rick and Yukari for years and it’s a pleasure to see their project grow. Giant Robot is proud to host the exclusive, Sparq the Baby Dragon. All of the Flat Bonnie pieces are handmade with impeccable craftsmanship. Their work is consistent and has a look that is obvious theirs. We’ll be doing more with Flat Bonnie sooner than you think. Watch for their participation in a group exhibition, October 4th at GR2. We’re excited.


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GR X SDCC – 1729 – Exclusive 1 – BABY CE by MAFIA FACTORY

I’ll be posting our Exclusives and getting them up on social media as well. Hope you don’t mind these transmissions. This collaboration is a fun one. Imagine keeping in touch with a person you’ve never met in person. That’s how our relationship with Mafia Factory in Thailand has developed. My contact there did send his friend and family to come visit me at GR2. I felt awful since they were on vacation from Thailand but the five member family seemed to enjoy the bus ride.

Is a figure, a figure when it’s put together? Are the sum of it’s parts equal to a whole? It’s a philosophical question, but in this case, it’s the parts displayed nicely like a model kit. Put it together or just wear it. It’s a concept that’s deep and thoughtful and puts figures in yet another situation. The big kicker is that it fits LEGO brand items. It’s the size of a LEGO mini figure and you can interchange parts and stick it to bricks. We’ll have 200 pieces.  sdcctoy

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Metro Train Ride – First Time


It’s nice to ride a train in LA. For most of those who ride, it’s not a luxury. It’s like riding a bus. It’s more of a tool to get to work or school. But for my first ride, it was a test of sorts to see how easy, how convenient, and if it’s something I could recommend.

I rode the train from the Westside of LA to Downtown LA. It’s not a big deal, except in this city where I’ve lived my entire life, there’s been no commuter train. People have asked, “What took you so long?” The answer is easy. I have a car, and I seldom go to Downtown, and I don’t find myself near that exact stop in Culver City. I actually drove to the stop, parked, used the machine which was easy to figure out, and then got on the train. I could have just drove and beat the train anyway. It’s less about why I took it, it’s more about taking it.


The ride is a strange sight since you’re moving smoothly on city streets without stopping at every other light, there’s no traffic, you can stare into space or into your phone, and you’re on Exposition Blvd – a street just one block away from my childhood home. A street that one doesn’t use to drive eastbound.

There was a train perhaps in the 70s and early 80s that would wake me up at 6am on the weekdays, but it was hauling gear to the warehouses and factories. These were dirty freight cars, the type that hobos would ride. When one mentions trains in West LA, I still imagine a rusted red colored car and caboose. Yet, the trains of today are electric, seemingly space age, and at the same time, typical of what I’ve seen in every other city.

The ride to downtown happened without any incident. It was fairly empty on a weekend, although once the train got into downtown the crowds got larger. A few riders smelled like they just smoked out. The same stops as freeway exits pass, Crenshaw, Western, Vermont. The Convention Center / Staples is the Pico stop, and it’s convenient for a visit to Anime Expo where I got out with a Zelda and a Power Ranger.

The ride home was just as easy. Skaters going towards Venice sat near me. An older woman going to museums got off early on. A few other commuters rode until the last stop. My first questions from the non-LA train experienced is about the cleanliness. The train is clean, it’s worth riding, and it’s fun. Perhaps I’m a tiny bit proud of LA for having even just one train connecting the Westside to Downtown.


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Gathering Whispers: Edwin Ushiro Preview Images

I stopped by the studio of Edwin Ushiro and took a look at  a few pieces he had just completed. It’s hard to explain the feelings I get when I see them, but it’s nostalgia from my childhood and the minute feelings we experience in crucial moments. Somehow, Ushiro captures these like none other. It’s in the body language and facial expressions. His Gathering Whispers exhibitions begins this saturday at GR2.

EDWIN USHIRO A ghost is also a well-forgotten face. It exists as a transparent memory. A ghost is you holding onto it because i

EDWIN USHIRO A Broken Love Sonnets EDWIN USHIRO Days were about to get Better EDWIN USHIRO Dreaming of You Yesterday Dreaming of Tomorrow EDWIN USHIRO Once Beyond Reach EDWIN USHIRO Sundayanela Kuhia EDWIN USHIRO The Lifting and the Releasing EDWIN USHIRO The Makamakaole Gulch Man EDWIN USHIRO Where No One Remains Alone to Fend for Themselves (more…)

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Pen Magazine with New Attitude on Godzilla

I’ve been a Godzilla fan from the early days and I’m proud to be in this issue of Pen Magazine featuring the world’s beloved beast. One of the first questions from Japanese writers is about the “new” Godzilla and overall, I give it a thumbs up. I still long for the “man in suit” versions, but the newest actually works. In the end, I understand that Godzilla is cultish gone major, so making a huge Hollywood picture out of it has a difficult standard to achieve. How do you retain the old school charm and the new school needs of a modern film audience? It’s a subtle line.

I recall another question being Godzilla’s toughest foe. I chose Mothra. Imagine a moth that huge… Actually, imagine a moth that’s tiny. The weird moth dust disgusts us all. Imagine how much dust would come off of Mothra? Mothra is disgusting.

I’ll admit, I can’t read this article, so who knows what I said in it, but it’s an honor to be holding the treasured Godzilla items that I own. A vintage die-cast and a fairly modern vinyl figure.

See Pen Magazine online.

photo 1photo 3 photo 4

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