Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So Yong Kim

I also like this woman. We met a couple months ago for an interview that just came out in Paper Mag's "Beautiful People" issue. At the time, So was working 14-15 hour days, editing a rough cut of her latest feature, and still managed to take the time to talk. I was asking her about her instinct for benevolence, and she explained her capacity to give as possibly more a function of Asian mother-inspired efficiency. We're talking about a person who produced a feature film over the course of two years for 40 or 50 grand. In Iceland. All-inclusive. On some level, she should really be running for office:

"Maybe (it was) the way my grandma raised us. She just knew how to stretch a bowl of rice to feed, like, 20 people. Also, my mother was very, very frugal when we were growing up. And in art school, you learn how to make things out of nothing. I went to the post office; they have those overnight packages. If you flip it inside out, it’s made out of this special material, it’s half cloth. I collected those for six months so I could use it for the performance piece I was doing because I didn’t have money to buy fabric. It made perfect sense to me: it’s free, our tax money pays for that stuff. There are ways to stretch things if you have little."

If you're interested, I also profiled Riley Keough, aka Elvis' granddaughter, and Julia Rothman, a cool girl who designs patterns in Brooklyn, in the same issue.


Blogger MA Shumin (馬淑敏) said...

"learn how to make things out of nothing"

"There are ways to stretch things if you have little"

Very inspiring ! thanks so much for sharing

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