Monday, December 15, 2008

And we're up

Three months of "me time" in the Bay Area, and I'm proud to say I have at least one thing to show for: my very first official website. This photo almost made it as the title image, but then an artist friend told me: "No one cares about aesthetics as much as they care about just getting the information." He also said people usually pay for that kind of creative advice, so I figured I should take it while it was free. Plus, he's right.

In the "stories" section, you should be able to read some select pieces from my archives, including classic GR stuff. The problem is, throughout my career, whenever I'd write a story, I was so over it by the time the pages shipped, I never bothered saving a text file for myself. So most of the stuff I've reprinted, I've actually sourced from sites where people actually took the time to transcribe and post them. Got to hand it to the Sam Rockwell and Korean plastic surgery fans. Please check out


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Congrats! I love it!

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