Sunday, August 20, 2006

Post-it show was an obvious hit at GR2. So it's about 1200 pieces, most at $20, and 42 artists. Today GR2 was packed. With art so inexpensive, it was no wonder. We had to do a numbering system to be fair to those who've waited or were there first. With about 190 numbers passed out (of course a lot didn't actually stick around and use them), only one person got mad enough to leave.

This is Post-it by Sir Souther (see him on video)
video of the south wall

I want to dwell on this one person for a second. The person came in, saw some post its they wanted, and demanded that she get served right away. Her number was later (not much later too!), but she kept trying to ahead of others. I'm the type of person who'd expect that "things" would have an order (such as numbers), so people won't have to be savages, or bitches in this case, to cheat their way to the front of a line. I'd also hope that by being demanding, one doesn't get their way and screw the people who've been politely waiting. This person got fed up, and bailed out. Good riddance. In GR-land, I'm glad that I have enough control to make things as fair as I can make them. It may take longer to buy the art from us, but there's less of the "who you are" and "what can you do for us later" type of considerations being made as compared to other places.

A lot of the world is based on who's louder, more obnoxious, or has more money. But what about fairness, gentlemanly-ness (or womanlyness), or just being nice? In our world that's based on so much bad shit, can't people understand that mother fuckin' Post-its should be sold mother fuckin' fairly?

Aside from a great night, it was great to see a lot of old faces, tons of new ones, and maybe first time art buyers who didn't mind taking a chance on a $20 Post it. A note to them: it's a slippery slope! $20 becomes $40, which then goes to $100. For those who have the money. $100 then goes up further and further. It's like crack, and we're dealing.

Thank you to the great crowd who came out on saturday. Even with the large crowd, we also have tons of great ones left.


Blogger thedave said...

I witnessed the EXACT SAME THING at the postit show at Junc gallery about two years ago... I bet it was the same bitch... we were all waiting and she was just about screaming about some Biskup piece. She too walked out... Had to have been the same woman...

6:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe she's a performance artist and that's her "piece" and you're just not getting it. Maybe it's a "commentary" on agressive art purchasing. Maybe she goes around to all sorts of openings and does it and we'll be queing up to see her video assemblage some day. But maybe not, maybe she's just an unpleasant person, in which case I hope she tries to squeeze in front of me on the freeway man, I'm just gonna hug the bumper of the car in front of me, yelling, "How ya like that, hunh? I got your Biskup right here, lady!" Really tho, there's not a lot to do with people like that, I mean if you're all growed up and still act that way, it's kinda too late. As my wise old pop used to say, "Son, when you deal with assholes just try not to get any shit on you." EN↓ EN→ EN↑ EN←

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This woman may have been rude, but many of us are serious about collecting art, not because we're rich, but because we love it, and we want to invest in something that has meaning in our lives. And it is very, very frustrating to deal with galleries that are simply unable or unwilling to accomodate serious collectors, who experience disappointment time and again with galleries that flake on a constant basis when it comes to dealing with buyers that can't be at a show. If you want to command high brow prices for low brow art, you have to respect your buyers. Ultimately, it's often the "bitch" who makes it possible for a Tim Biskup to command ten grand for a painting, and makes that twenty dollar Post-It that someone else bought worth much more in the future. It may be great to have just your buddies at an opening, and sell art only to whomever you've decided is deserving, but I, for one, will not patronize a gallery that decides it has the luxury to sell art based on its hasty judgement of a buyer. How very establishment to do so, and how very unappetizing.

3:37 PM  

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