Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I've been doing job interviews for a server position at gr/eats, and the weirdest thing about it, is how many no shows there are. We set up an appointment, date and time, and poof, no one shows. No phone call to follow up or anything. I wonder if this is common in food service-land. Are people that flakey? Don't these people need jobs or something? I know there's great people out there too, but having 2 out of 5 flake out seems to be bad odds. I was talking to Don, the fella who owns Satsuma imports, and he goes on about how bad the younger employee/work force is today and how it's getting worse and worse. Is this real?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, its real. Outside of "Left Field Project", I do consulting for third party mediation firms. I specialize in employee hiring, training, development and retention. On numerous professional levels, the quality of an average potential new hire has significantly dropped. People flaking on interviews, people being offered jobs and not showing up on the first day of training... etc. Its sad. Its frustrating in your position because you have alloted specific times for interviews, and when someone doesn't show, it is valuable time wasted. The only thing I recommend is implementing a phone interview before lining up face-to-face interviews. You can drastically cut down the percentage of "no shows".

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was the case when I was doing interviews for receptionists at my old job. This was for a job paying $30-35k/year, not just minimum wage at a burger stand. We always called them back the day before to confirm, too. I would say that more people flaked than showed up -- maybe 4/5 flaked.

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Blogger gr said...

Yes, it's weird, I guess if 2/5 flaked then I'm in good shape. The lame thing is that if you're at a job to interview people, then well, you're there anyway. I went out of my way to do these, setting them up as appointments. One was on New Year's Day, at the request of the interviewee, and he flaked. Needless to say, they won't ever be working here.

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