Thursday, August 09, 2007


Here it goes: Takashi Murakami's going to have a Louis Vuitton shop inside of his exhibition at Moca. That's crazy. A lot of artists, even young ones have made some issue about art purity. Is it okay to make products, is it ok if Takashi Murakami makes products and art and exploits them both? I've always been okay with it, as long as it's good. He's done that. For this exhibition, a solo at MOCA, he's taking "it" to the next level. The retailers of all retailers, expensive bags, but custom, and probably getting a huge percentage of that sale. I've heard mumblings of things for months, but I think it's official now.

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Hi Eric. I happened to run into this site while I was doing research on Murakami's exhibition at MOCA. Thanks for mentioning the book "Geijutsu Kigyo-ron" by Murakami on your magazine last year. I heard about the book before, but didn't pay much attention to it until Giant Robot had the thumbnail photo. I read it in Japanese and wrote a book review for Artillery recently. (It should come out next month, I think) I've learned a lot from this book and hopefully someone can translate it into English in the future. The book was written in Japanese only because he wanted to target Japanese audience (especially artists) to read it, but I think it's very valuable for non-Japanese artists, too. fumiko amano, artist/publisher of atelier zero event list

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