Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lemonade stand for Darfur

Yes, they had a sign saying Save Darfur. Lemonade. One cup at a time. The lemonade was .50 cents. It was pretty good. The cookies were $1. I figured it was for them to earn a few dollars to take a bus ride to the beach, or maybe save up and see a movie. But Darfur? Pretty awesome for kids. I like lemonade stands. I bought 2 cookies and those were pretty good too.  

I never did a lemonade stand, I guess you can say, I went straight to opening a shop, working on a mag, and so on. There's something cool about kids doing a lemonade stand. Taxes don't kick in yet, no heath codes, and so on. It's all based on work, patience, and trust in a neighborly way. Have extra lemons? Make lemonade. Next, maybe they'll sell bags of lemons and packets of sugar in a nice bag too. The sad thing is that if they were to do this too often, they'd get shut down. That's the world we live in. Even a lemonade stand would get taxed and coded.



Blogger Jimmy! said...

"Darfur" is the new ultra-violent Mortal Kombat-like videogame that's coming out. You just contributed 3 bucks to their playstation fund

8:47 AM  
Blogger chicmonk said...

i enjoyed this post.

6:08 AM  

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