Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Avatar. See it in 3D from the front row. It's weird how the 3d is so prominent in the previews, then in the movie it sort of goes away. That's Mr Jean looking like he's about to go skiing. Check out the movie, it's worth it, even though I went in with terrible expectations. Those characters are strange looking, and seem too cartoony to be respected in a high budget movie, but in the end, it still works.



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somebody told me for 3D the best place to sit is in the middle rows of the cinema as close to the middle of the screen, watched Avatar in 3D aswell I think they wanted to keep the movieflow as natural as possible with little "3D hints.." unlike movies that have alot of 3D effects, like things flying towards you etc.

They showed a trailer for the new Alice movie by Tim Burton and you had alot of stuff flying towards you, I think it depends on the filmmaker if he wants to make it a 3D ride or a movie with some obvious 3D effects.

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