Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years 2010 countdown in Tokyo

This was in Shibuya, Tokyo at the scramble crossing which has to be one of the busiest intersections in the world. I'm sure the same thing happened at the same time in a few neighborhoods, but this one probably had to be one of the largest. That said, Happy New Year.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Greetings from Comiket

What do these dudes do with these photos?


Chad Mullane

Chad Mullane on left. People say he looks like Michael Schumacher, but he also looks a little like Ryan McGinness at the right moments. Either way, the other dude is this French actor, I'm blanking on his name. I'll fill it in when I get it. They're both in Nodame Cantabile, a film just released all over Japan. Or catch him doing comedy if you can understand, quick speaking Japanese.

Does he look like Schumacher?


Monday, December 28, 2009

Chinatown Japan

The irony. Everywhere you go, a Chinatown awaits and the same guy who built the first one, is still alive building them. Here's his famous gate. Notice how he varied and went with blue this time. Perfect for Yokohama, Japan. Of course it's ironic since here's a Chinatown with in a Japantown. It's a tourist trap, and where there's tourists, the food quality usually goes straight down. It's like dumbing something down. But not here. The food is actually unlike what you get in a typical Chinatown tourist area. It's good. We've been duped.

People don't hesitate to show what they serve in Chinatown Japan, even though PETA would be pissed off. I can't say that shark fin is my favorite, but clearly, it's a selling point. If monkey brain was people's favorite, you'd see heads and brains displayed everywhere. It's also weird how shark fin looks like a baby bib. Maybe they should try baby bib soup instead. What else does shark fin look like?

1) a costume beard. 2) a strange sexual device for men 3) yolkless egg 4) mini Xmas tree bottom 5) Smurfs apron

The one thing he didn't do is make this eggroll. You'd think Chinatown eggrolls are the same frozen and then deep fried item, but no think again. In this place, it taste different and isn't the same beat up concoction of cabbage. I can't begin to tell you the name of this place since it's only in Japanese or is it Chinese?, but it's off the main strip.


shrimp and garlic sauce

fried rice

shark fin soup

This is the main street. It was nice and packed.
The Chinatown is clean and well kept as compared to what you see in New York or LA.

Tons of bao are everywhere.

Since I can't read it, here's the spot. It's owned by a friend of my friend, moshi moshi Sadatoshi, who's pictured above.


Those miniscule dots where my red arrow points are a wave of people. Packed solid... and that's far down Omotesando street. There's no space. To take this photo, I waited for a moment of clearing in front of me. I go to Tokyo and see this over and over, but it never ceases to amaze me. What are they seeing, buying, and thinking about? The Xmas lights on the street are a rarity because of cost. I think it's because they're now LED, thus cutting down costs.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Masakatsu Sashie

That's how large that painting is. It's taller than me. An amazing exhibition just ended at Mizuma art. All the works sold. If you're interested in any of his work, hit me up. We still have some left! I'm impressed at Sashie's progression. Yes, he's still doing the orbs, yet he's definitely taken steps to do work that's not orbital, yet it's just as great. That ship is amazing. It has a theme of pachinko and ships if you look at the details.

I like this night piece. The orb is bright and gamer like, but the background on this one is as nice as ever - that's when you know he's progressing. I'm as into the background than the orb.

This piece is giant. Same as the ship piece.

A detail from the work below. I love the tiny size.

Is this part touchable?

The show took a bit to get to, and it wasn't huge, but it was impressive as can be. My friends agreed.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Black Rock Shooter in Matsudo

Had dinner with the creator and artist of Black Rock Shooter - Huke. He doesn't make himself available to the public, hence the mosaic. He went from a fan to a budding pro. We had dinner as part of a year end chill out celebration. It seems like everyone does this. He's getting ready for Komiket which is in a few days where he sells a ton of his new book. We ate at an awesome Chinese place in Matsudo which is outside of Tokyo center.

The almond jello might be the greatest thing ever. The food is excellent, but this is a crown jewel. Even that strawberry which doesn't look good, was good.
This is what his toy looks like. It's more of a statue and it's long sold out. You know how the kaiju figures, or any new indie toy sells 1000 at the most? This does Uglydoll type numbers.

That's his booklet, it's not a comic, but it's a compilation of images.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Xmas in Shibuya

That's Goodsmile Junko and Aki. We're at an all pork place. It even has a huge Buta lantern, which means, pig! It's pork everything including a hotpot that you cook and season with umeboshi, their special. It's a simple broth and you eat a little at at time. On this day the free dish they give you was spare ribs! Notice Aki is smoking at dinner. You can still do this.

This isn't pork, it's egg and yuba on top. This is really good with a tiny spot of soy sauce.

So my diet is not happening. I mentioned ramen at the dinner above, and Aki starts of obsess. The dinner above gets truncated quickly because he wants ramen, something he doesn't get to eat often. So we go get ramen in Shibuya after looking up a place that has high ratings on a ramen website. The broth is thick as ever, and he loves this. It's a tonkotsu and vegetable brother. Tenkaippin is busy at midnight! We ordered the green onion ramen.

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24-7 Wallmart

I can't say this place is cool, but they do have some deals. A pineapple is 2.98. You can get socks cheap. A Hotwheel might be .97 cents. I bought a DeLorean so I can add a flux capacitor to it and hopefully time travel back a few minutes. I wouldn't suggest coming here on a XMas eve, and in the end, this place offers almost everything, but not anything. It's huge, but lacks a creative edge. After all, it's Wallmart. What's amazing on X Mas eve is that at 1:30AM, below, the line is massive. You're waiting near 1 hr to check out. That's not the end of the line on the right, and on the left, that's where the checkout begins.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Avatar. See it in 3D from the front row. It's weird how the 3d is so prominent in the previews, then in the movie it sort of goes away. That's Mr Jean looking like he's about to go skiing. Check out the movie, it's worth it, even though I went in with terrible expectations. Those characters are strange looking, and seem too cartoony to be respected in a high budget movie, but in the end, it still works.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

From art to music

This is what a WIP painting can look like if you're Mr Jean. It's a 3 panel piece, and it's pushing his style far along. It was allegedly finished a few days ago, but it's growing and growing as time passes. Mr Jean is playing the piano at right. Coldplay and the Transformers soundtrack song.

This is low budget music making, but I guess it works. David Choe dons the buckethead look.

That's a bad pic of this band of dudes called Camp Freddy who played the Roxy. Although they are this mega rockstar club band featuring Travis Barker, Dave Navarro, and a ton of other stars who get together and jam and play covers, I can't say it's my thing, and being backstage in a tiny room with a ton of these dudes was an uncomfortable as it can get. But for a little while, I saw them play Spoonman by Soundgarden fronted by a woman who goes by Queen V. I would link a youtube video, but in the end, my memory of it was better than the video. Chester from Linkin Park sang a couple of songs, Smashing P and Janes Addiction. He's sort of a Zelig and seems able to adapt his voice well. There's plenty of video online of the many guest singers and players. Watch it at your own risk.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Myung Dong Kyoja

Imagine hand cut noodles (you can tell that they're uneven - although if I were a noodle company, I'd just have my machines make noodles uneven), dumplings, and a nice broth make? It's Myung Dong Kyoja. Open 24 hours, their Kal Gook Soo is the one to get. It's hearty, tasty, and I'd suggest holding back on the onions, those stayed with me after I left. The place is large, the waiter has nice bleached hair, and I'm sure you can find this wherever there's fine Korean establishments near you. Myung Dong Kyoja 3630 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90010

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A man named Rob

I cut up this video really quick it's a short one on GR cover artist Rob Sato. Amazing art, great talent, and a definite up and comer, he'll be showing with us at Giant Robot SF soon. I believe it's in February. Meanwhile as issue 63 is going to be released soon, we'll put up more video here and there. It'll be in Transmissions!

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Tiger Focus!

Focus! On what? Ass? Can you believe this is now vintage? Should I put it on ebay? I think these eyes now have a new meaning. They look like he's lining up his putter to hit in the hole. Or insert bad joke here... Wawawawa... Yes, another bad Tiger joke. Seriously, he'll be back and like Kobe Bryant, straight back to the number one slot and sooner than you think.


Daniel Wu for L'Oreal

Daniel Wu is pushing the HYDRA ENERGETIC TURBO BOOSTER. Thanks James Leung for the link. His skin might be perfect, the commercial hilarious. The martial arts film scene is so quick!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Justin Chon and the Sticker in Crossing Over

Dumb sticker! I was watching the movie on DVD and at a dramatic point, I finally see it. I totally forgot about it, and it was a surprise. Then of course I checked up on it, and it's old news.

I realize I forgot I blogged this a while ago... link.


Graffiti in downtown

Driving through a neighborhood, I saw this graffiti. It's real gang style I think, but then the hands are so good. PF 23. I don't know what that stands for, but this looks cool. Wide, it doesn't look as cool.

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Hint Mint! James Jean

James signs autographs at the Hint Mint pop up shop in Venice. It's a prefab trailer home with a small yard and it's a cute little spot. In the end it's a one bedroom apartment type of spot that's packed with mints. James did a few Hint Mint boxes and you'll see those everywhere.

His display was simple and the designs for the mints themselves were on display.

They were selling tin printed sheets for him to sign.

Big wallpaper.

After we ate at the Calbi BBQ truck. I have since heard it's owned by Baja Fresh.

After we did a fake painting job, but Harry Kim makes the perfect model for these chubby babies in the painting.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

James Jean Talk at JANM Biennale

James Jean was candid and fun to talk to with a live audience. This is at the Tateuchi Forum which is a nice amphitheater. It's part of JANM and is a great place for something like this. James started off with a presentation and then I just had a fun and hopefully revealing conversation with him. It went for over an hour and a half and I have to give James credit for doing a great job and basically being honest. He left it all out there for whoever came to check us out. (above photo by Thomas Nakanishi)

Color Ink Book!

James signed some goodies later and had a new print.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Chuzzle goodies - Contest

Anyone play Chuzzle on the iPhone? I'm just starting it. It's a Popcap game, and guess what? I got these goodies from them. They're Chuzzles which sort of look like Puyo Puyo characters. The game is different, and this isn't a review, but this post is a giveaway via Twitter. "giantroboteric" I'll tweet a trivia question at around 3pm PST. Answer it first and I'll send these to you free.


Fortune Cookie Prize - Killing of a Chinese Cookie

See this dessert? I liked this one a lot. Tasty, creamy with that fruity middle. I'm guessing the cookie was part of the top and bottom. I was a Judge in this contest where students from culinary schools created desserts using fortune cookies. Why was it happening? It was part of a screening and DVD release event for the film Killing of a Chinese Cookie where I have a tiny appearance. Here's the site.

Also here's the trailer. I'm in this for just an instant.

For my meager efforts, I got beer, fortune cookies, a weird small book, and these three items. Which wins?

This woman made a pudding like dessert with fortune cookies sprinkled on top. I can't say it was the best, but it was good.

This woman was a fill in. She has nice thumbs. I can't tell if it's a gang sign or something. This one was apples with fortune cookies at the bottom. The apples were good, but this one was least creative.

Bread pudding... Oh yeah, this one was good. Heavy, rich, but good. A couple of pics below, you can see the rush for them. They were popular.

That's the pudding version. Looks nice too.


Free - James Jean Tonite - Stella Lai tomorrow JANM

James Jean tonite. He'll be showing his career, then it's time to ask him some question. Have any? It's free, come down and check him out. He'll have a few of his new print. It's not a cheap one, so there's just a few. Then tomorrow come on down and make are with Stella Lai 11am. Saturday. Free Target Day, don't pay a thing and come on down.

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Let's Animate!

Step 1, get a camera, know what you're doing. Make sure it doesn't move. Step 2, make you set, and set the boundaries of what the camera can see. Step 3. Do not do this on the floor like we did. On a table is way better. Step 4. get your animated pieces ready. Don't make too many little parts or else it's hard to animate them. Keep it relatively simple. Figure out a way that they can stick just a little and not too much. Make sure it doesn't leave a residue or else you'll be photoshopping a lot. Bolt / tape down the stuff that isn't going to move. It'll accidentally move if you don't. Note: don't animate where gusts of wind or passersby can mess your set up.

Find an able bodied partner who won't slow you down.

Move pieces ever so slightly. If you forget some, oh well.

On a table, or else you'll be looking like this, and this isn't good for your back

This looks neat, but it doesn't work. The strange drawing by the pencil. That's a sketch of what you see when you look down another person's shirt collar. (not while you do your animation).


Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Animation project. I'm working on a stop frame piece with Saelee Oh. The photo below is pretty early, and this project quickly became a monster. The weird thing is, I swear we were counting how many shots we were taking and we were at 50 in the tally, but then when we downloaded, it was a 131! Then we did more, and I realize, that it's hard work, but it does go by in weird ways, the bad thing is that when you think you shot 50, and actually it's 131, you'd better hope there's enough action!

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Products Soon to hit: GR cap and Labs with Abs

Caps. Fitted and snap back. Pictured are the fitteds. We just got them in LA, and soon, they will be in SF and NYC and online.

The inside of the fitted caps have the magazine tiled everywhere.

Special taping and label

Labs with Abs 2010 - Abs of Egypt
Andrew Jeffrey Wright does it right.

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New GR2 risers

Risers, or shelves. I'm not sure what they're called, but they're at GR2. Hopefully, this means more cool product, easier to find, and a good look. We'll have a few more new things at GR2 as well. Guess who made them? That's my dad standing at left. "Just give him some wood and he'll build you a cabinet." (I'll bet you won't know this quote).

That's Chris getting it ready for product.


Monday, December 07, 2009

Post It Notes

Post It 4. It's one of the most fun shows we do. Imagine seeing 1586 Post Its on the wall, and being able to choose one, two, or even ten. Some are a financial steal and some are a steal just because they're ones you really like. Who gets what, is almost a psychological battle. The thing that's great is that tons of people came, waited, and although some complained, most of the people were patient. If you were patient, you would have scored big, there are amazing pieces in this show for $20 each. I can't think of a better deal anywhere. (the photo above isn't even the crowded time)

This is what it looked like all night. We stayed after the bell. I think it was 10:30 and we were still selling Post Its. I've heard, "you should have more than one person selling them." Imagine at opening. Person number 1 in line gets his or her choices. Then Person number 2 has his or her choices at the same time since, if more than one person is selling them. Who gets what first? How many fights will there be? What actually slows things down are the breach of rules, indecisiveness, and so forth. It's a tough job no matter what you think of how we do it.

James Jean and Gary Baseman. JJ wasn't in the show, Baseman was and even his Post Its lasted until at least 9pm. He flew in from Miami and came straight over.

Seth Drenner and Mark Todd share a moment of cheer right as the show opened.

The man the myth. Yes, I forgot his name, but he drove from far, just to get some Post Its as a surprise birthday gift from his brother in law. First time, and hopefully a long time (customer). That grin makes me think that he's going to keep them for himself.

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Giant Robot Post It 4 - the set up. Starts tomorrow

Post It 4 at Giant Robot 2. The install usually takes hours, but tonite it took a large crew 3 hours. People came in and got everything up pretty quickly. The fourth time around, the show has gotten easier and easier. Imagine, in the beginning we had to package each one that was sold. Imagine sorting out nearly 1600 Post Its... It takes a month. Now, the job is easier and has become nearly a science. It's cash and carry, but we don't want you touching anything. The sign up is at 6pm. Art begins selling at 6:30. If you're number 20 in line, it could take nearly an hour of wait depending on how quick the 19 in front of you choose. Relax and shop at Giant Robot 1. We'll love you for it.

Every year, we say the show is better than the year before. This year, we'll have to say the same. Each artist submitted great work. It's amazing how there's some art by people who none of us know. How?! What the heck? Well, it's great they sent donated submissions. We'll put the money to good use.

So much great help.

"aw, this is a nice one!"

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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dinner time using the Cuisinart grill

No, I'm not a chef. I hack and try. But some people can rock it. That's what yakitori can look like. It's not just chicken though, it's a mix of many tasty foods. Pork wrapped asaparagus on the far end. The shittake mushrooms were incredible. Imagine having your tastebuds satisfied from one mushroom. It works like that.

That's Chikuwa with nori and cheese.
Ever seen chikuwa inside out and flipped sideways? I bet you haven't.

This is a crazy salad. A recipe handed down. It looks simple and I think it is, but the right mix makes it work. There are noodles underneath.

Pork covered tomato.
This one is insane.

My friend, Spam musubi.

That's chef Eriko and Mitch Mitchell holding a camera. I guess he eats like this daily.

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It's coming up! Post It! This saturday

I made this video last year, and it's still fun to look at. So many people came through, it was like a holiday party in itself. I'll be there, and I hope some of you will be too. So many of you want to join a show like this, but in the end, it's curated and the artists are picked. But we'll gladly take a look. Here's the facebook invite link.