Friday, April 30, 2010

horvaths, my ear, and Juxtapoz Choe

Mexican without Mexicans. Yeah. This place is amazing. Manhattan Beach Mexican food. El Sombrero #2. I hope the #2 doesn't mean anything weird! It's a neighborhood Mexican place that I can tell is well loved. It's packed, it's good, and people there seem happy. That's David and Sun-min. So glad to have caught up with them. It's been ages. Look at their burritos! Whoa. I opted for 2 chicken tacos. Pictured is only 1 taco. All so good.

This was a tough one. It was chef Mina's turn. She cooked us up noodles, chicken in spicy sauce, and ice tea.

I don't know why I feel the need to blog my ear, but see that scratch. Imagine this. My cat, put one claw into my ear. It was stuck. I was trying to get it out and in the process, sliced through my own ear. That line goes through.

The below is my article on David Choe in the current Juxtapoz. I wrote it on the morning it was due. I think it came out pretty decent.

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Strangers at LAAPFF

The Strangers Crew at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival. That's Bill Poon, Robert Burke, Michael Aki, Eugenia Yuan, and Pryor Praczukowski. Bill Poon is the Assistant Producer! Robert Burke plays the perfect dirty loser underworld guy. Michael Aki's character is the Asian Kimbo Slice. The master of the gun. A killer. Eugenia Yuan is the subject. Pryor shot it nicely. Strangers screens sunday 9pm at the Sunset 5 in LA.

Instead of watching the opening night movie. I ate dinner with the group.

Eugenia and Michael Aki. The carpet might not be red, but this is the red carpet area.

Amy Hill was there!

Thomas Nakanishi should join Kiss.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

The end of Tokyo - great food. Hanaya Asagaya

Neighborhood spots. The tasty of the tasty. I had omakase type of dinner at Hanaya in Asagaya. You get the drift. Great foods, amazing presentation. Nice people. This type of spot has your back when you want something really nice to eat. You can't go there daily, or, can you? It's not out of the control pricey, but at the same time, it's not super inexpensive. There's plenty of nice spots to eat in this area, this is just one of them. Toro and uni above.

a small fish and eggplant dish.

porco rosso

egg tofu and daikon with ikura

This is the drinker set of snacks.

daikon and gobo

The next day. cat #1

cat #2

cat #3. This cat looks really beat up, but I really like the cat's face. I hope this one recovers fully by the time I come back to Japan.

Yasukuni shrine images will end out this blog post.

Except for this image. I really like how the caramel box is integrated perfect into the handle on the train. Someone was thinking.

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Donut man - the strawberry payoff...

Every year I post the same pic, nearly. Donutman in Glendora. Yes, they rock the strawberry donut. This time, I put the red colorful and tasty donut at the end. Instead I'll show a pic of the guys making the donuts. See the round rings? Yes, those are going to be good. While we sleep, there's someone there making more donuts. It's to good to know that there are people working while some of us are not.

The long ones are called Tigertails. Not typical of any shop, this is a favorite here. I'd suggest it.

The sugar donut, which was once my favorite fell off the rack. I think I liked the crunch of the sugar.

It's all of it's glory, this is a great tasting donut.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

David Choe art lazarides Art shots. A slide show.

I stopped in today since I had a meeting really close by and shot another 40 shots of just the art. Take a look at the figures by Goodsmile. GR will be handling those come July! We're excited to be a part of this. It's something great to look forward to. Meanwhile, do check out the Choe show in person. If you can't, then thumb through the images. These are a pretty good collection of what's there. There are more watercolors, so do check it.

Created with flickr slideshow.


Japan finds

Famicom. Family computer. You'd think you could find this everywhere, but it's really not that easy. It's pretty, red and offwhite and the Japanese carts fit right in. The carts are similar to the NES but it's not the same. You need a converter, which it turns out is hard to find. There's so many little hacks for it, but in the end, it's best just to have the system. I'm playing a game called Super Chinese. It's pretty fun. I'll be exploring the rest of the games I picked up in Japan! Some carts are a $1. Some are $25!

The camera strap from Camera People. "Kame P" It's a small shop in Gakugei Daigaku. I didn't shoot these pics since shooting my own Camera strap on my camera is tough to shoot. But this is straight from their site. Here's their links. They even process film and print it. It's sort of the ultimate camera hobby shop and they even have a small gallery above. The leather straps are my favorite.

While I check out this stuff, I have two cats sitting nearby. Here's what they do once in a while. Groom each other!

On the flight back from Japan, I shot a pic out of the window of LA. The red dot is literally my house. Below it's zoomed just a bit. It's amazing how much you can really make out of a window of a plane.


Daniel Dae Kim x me?

Do you watch Lost? Know this man? I'm going to interview him hopefully like none other. It's coming up May 15 2010. I'm already plotting my questions. It should be fun in all reality. This dude is totally cool, I don't think people really know who he is and he's one of the larger stars on TV. Want to come? Check out the Facebook link. We have some free slots.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Choe Lazarides Nothing to Declare Beverly Hills 90210

Image: post art show. Family conferences are pretty sacred. This was post art show at the after party which took place at the Soho House. That's the Brothers Choe. Jimmy, David, and Paul in descending age order. You'd like to think they were talking for just a minute about how life has so far brought them to this point. It was perhaps the biggest possible gallery show. Glad I shot this with 1600 iso. I'll bet their mom might want a copy, but there's beer and hi ball drinks in the pic.

Parking attendants, tons of them in front of the gallery. Just walking up, you know this one is special. It's just massive from the front.

This is a weird blow up figure in the window. This must have been a huge clothing shop before hand. The thrift store blankets are awesome.

A few of the smaller works. This art exhibition was huge and David brought his A game. So much art filled this giant room. I didn't think he had enough when I visited him at his studio, but it got done in a fury.

The crates were from JANM show, but they look a lot different here!

Whale guts ala the streets of Taiwan.

David and Nikki. That red scarf looks amazing.

I want this one! Hook me up someone.

Ben and Bobby Hundreds. I like how Ben is really into sports. That's cool. Their athletic based action wear (what a term) still has some athletics involved.

Nikki, Basterd David, Inglorious Eli Roth, and his friend with the fruity name of Peaches Geldof.

David and Bobby Hundreds.

The giant whale floated in the middle. Probably 1000 came through.

Joe Hahn and Heidi Woan.

The watercolors in the back room are amazing.

Michael and Pearl Hsiung

Joe To and Rob Sato

Harry Kim get your movie done. Dirty Hands is starting soon.

Whoa. Jason sports the Jimmy face shirt. See this video.

Another watercolor

The dressing rooms served as tiny art rooms

Matt, Dave, Gary, and Nikki at Norms. We never got a table.

That's her!

Junko, Aki, and this dark sketchy dude in the back. Mysterious.

No matter what, Taco Bell is always there. Great show David! How do you top it?

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Tokyo bits

Hara Museum is Shinagawa is a pretty cool spot. It's a small museum that has changing exhibitions, but also has a permanent room by Yoshitomo Nara. I couldn't take a photo of it. I think it was the only room that had a videocamera watching. The above image was in a room by some french artist. Yeah, it's like a bathroom or something, but it's also like TRON!

Akihabara - retro game hunting. There's a reason for it.

Junk at Akihabara. Japanese junk looks cool. You really don't know what you're going to get.

That's the sculpture Garden at Hara Museum. Next to Kohei's face is a vertical piece of metal which is an Isamu Noguchi piece.

Tai Yaki and they don't even cut out the extra parts

Too many toy figures. They're everywhere.

retro games at Super Potato. You'd think this spot is the best, and it's quite great, but in the end, it's the most expensive too.

Ice cream in a baguette, yes it totally works.

That's Taro Goto on the right. He used to be part of the SF Asian Film Festival. He led us to an Okinawan spot in Shibuya. Super great.

Sadatoshi shows off ice cream.

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Dinner time in Tokyo Harajuku

The folks from the fine shop and brand Dicokick in Ura Harajuku took me out to dinner. Seafood is always nice and this spot was super cool. I have no idea how people pick places to eat in Japan. There's way too many of them. Thanks much Dicokick and Goodsmile :)

The angles people play to take photos. That's Masahiro Takeda! I dig the iphone shooting.

Toro y Moi! straight up on a billboard in Tokyo. Nice job.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The plane! Barf.

Forgot to tell you all, esp since I was ragging on airlines not too long ago... yesterday? Anyways, here's something sort of funny. Plane to Tokyo is about to land. Lower, lower, lower, and as it hits ground, the guy two rows in front of me who's sitting in an exit row at the front of the cabin, with a steward and stewardess facing him vomit launches on the cheap carpet in front of him. Quickly, the smell wafts backwards. The steward is on his hands and knees cleaning it up. The plane is now taxi-ing to the gate. It's a bummer. I would have made every effort to put into the pillow case, or even in the blanket that every seat has, but no, this guy let it rip. Soon, they use an air freshener and the smell was gone. I last saw the steward wiping his shoes.

Ayako and camera

Ayako Fujitani and her new old camera. It shoots 35mm and although film is a dying breed, this is a cool rangefinder. I think it's called a bosley, but I'm no longer sure. Who's going to preserve the film cameras as digital everything takes over? When will film just be cancelled? It's all in the hands of the fans. Meanwhile, we went through Ueno area, and ate some yakitori.

That's spanish mackerel pate!

It looks like I have a blonde mullet in this frame. That's what it would look like with a neckwarmer. If I was Canadian, maybe. Not good. Now flip it to yourself. Imagine you with a blonde mullet. No! Don't rock that. I wonder if the woman sitting behind me would have ever thought her hair would be used so well in the background of a photo.

Yakitori is always good. No... amazing.

Hand it over! This is what a public bath employee used to do way back in the day. If you want to take a bath, this guy lords over the entrance and peeps at the ladies changing.

The flowers are almost gone from the trees.

This is in Ueno park. It's cool how there's tons of vendors dealing up Japanese snacks.

Saigo Takemori in Ueno. I haven't been to this park in perhaps more than 15 years. I'll guess that's a shiba inu.

This isn't good.

This is good. It's awesome how they sell great slices of fruit on the street. Too bad they have to use chopsticks, but the fruit was good. Thankfully, the chopsticks absorb water well, and the fruit sticks! Since fruit is pricey in Japan, you sort of don't get to eat much of it, so when you do it's refreshing.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The cat and the horse.

We hope into a tiny restaurant in Ebisu and there's 4 cats inside. The cat pictured above is 23 years old. It's the oldest cat I've ever seen or maybe heard of. When it walks down the main walkway in this tiny restaurant, it's meowing, I suppose sort of gaining as much attention as she can, literally defining what a "Catwalk" is all about. This restaurant was quite good, and I wonder if the cat's been getting fed special food. This wouldn't happen in LA, or in many other places in America, yet, the food was still good, and seemed quite safe and clean. Things like this make Tokyo, Tokyo.

The cat does look for attention when walking down the aisle. It's funny to see how people react to the cats.

I love seeing Japanese restaurants do this. They have these bowls of their small veggie dishes out ready to serve.

Definitely not proud of this one: but I ate horse. It ends up being pretty good, but in the end, I'm way over it. What's the difference between eating horse, cat, a cow or a pig? Nothing. We're all in the same gang - mammals. But I still won't eat this again.

Then it's back to gyoza. This was amazing and who knows what was in it.

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The Field Museum

That's me next to a Mold A Rama machine. You don't see many of these, but when you do, rejoice in it. A rare beast, you won't see any on the westcoast, hardly any on the east coast, and there you have it. It's something special. The Field Museum has 4 of them and they spit out dinosaurs! A lot of you kids won't even know what I'm talking about. $2 gives you a cool replica made of wax! I'm holding on in the photo. That's a stegasaurus in pretty orange. I seriously want one of these machines. Have one for me? It's amazing how nice they look especially when they have to be something like 30 or 40 years old.

These masks are amazing, aren't they? They're as creative as the work by the kids who do art today.

That's an awesome Mastodon! Nearly a full skeleton. These must be hard to come by. This animal would have eaten Goh (in green) whole.

The baby mammoth! It's here at the Field. I had no idea. Lyuba! Found in the permafrost. Here's a link. I read about this then, and was glad to see Lyuba in person. Read about the find at the Reuters link. Imagine the folks who found Lyuba in the snow. How did an elephant get here must have been their thought.

Lyuba was behind glass. I'm sure this fate was never in her mind.

Totem poles are cool. Again, I'll bet they'll enter some kid's artwork soon and hope he/she makes it work. I hope it does.

Sue - is the T Rex in the lobby. A great collection of bones. This is also a rare sight. It's the best complete skeleton and Sue also has a wiki entry.

These are better than toy figures.

The back side of Sue

With a fist in the air, our walk about was pretty fun. A nice day in Chicago, you didn't need a jacket. Then it got cold a day later.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Choe Lazarides Beverly Hills 90210

I've held back on my photos of this studio, but it's gigantic. It's brand new so there's no furniture just yet. But this is the first official photos I've seen released, it just came as a PR and it's for the Choe show in Beverly Hills (he went to High School there) that's coming up next week! I'll be back in town for it. Take a look at the new Juxtapoz magazine. It's all about David and edited by him too!


April 23rd - May 23rd 2010

Artist Statement
I am a typical artist, so I’m definitely my own worst enemy, my irritable bowel syndrome being a close second, I self destruct constantly, I suicide bomb my own shit weekly, and destroy everything that is good and pure in my life.

I love and hate la. I was born and raised here, this is the city where I first fought, fucked , farted, and rioted . I fucking love the shit out of this city and I hate it with all my heart. This is the city that never gave me an art show so I had to exhibit at an ice cream parlor. I want to burn this city to the ground. This is the city that came out in hundreds to see my movie premiere and made my parents proud. I want to face fuck this city. Either way It’s been way too longlos angeles, and I’m sorry I had to leave in the first place, but you were really annoying the shit out of me, but I forgive you , I’m sorry I left you when you needed me most, ive seen these horrible atrocious art shows you’ve been subject to, I seen these wacked out gimmicky douchey group shows and art walks you been sexually and mentally harassed by , and I’m here to tell you,I’m coming soon, and maybe you’ll appreciate me and not take me for granted this time . lets make the dysfunction work for us, ok ? I promise to try harder if you try harder. It’s been 6 long years since my last show here when you fucked me and I left you. in that time I seen things, I’ve heard things, I’ve felt things I’ve never felt before, I been hitchikng all over the globe , I been to Japanese jails, African jungles, Chinese torture chambers, the whitehouse, and to all 7 levels of hell and Back . In april 2010 I will have my first solo art show in BEVERLY HILLS CALIFORNIA with Lazarides .I will take all my love all my hate all my pain all my rage, all my suffering and all my skills and experience i've collected over the years everything I’ve learned in every medium from watercolors to oils to spraypaint I’m gonna express everything I feel about this city and what it is to live and die and be born again in the city of angels…. los angeles I’m coming home and when I come this time, I’m gonna come harder than I ever have before. --daivd choe koreatown,los angeles MARCH 2010

photos by

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kozyndan Amsterdamned

Walking by a display area in Chicago, I also ran into a Puma store. What's so great about Puma these days? Way understated is their artist line with kozyndan. It's the second season now, and the gear still looks fun and sort of strange. It doesn't exactly fit with the entire Puma idea, since in the end, this looks like stuff GR should be making. But oh well. This stuff still looks fun and cool.

I still don't know why Amsterdam is so important for this entire line. I guess a location was important. I guess...

Do I see a cigarette coming out of an ass crack?

The details are nice. That's sort of like kozyndan's style.


kozyndan Amsterdamned. The line was on sale 30% off. I still want my green ones from last year! I wore those to death and the slip on factor makes for quick security rushes at the airports. Anyone have a size 9?

I like the details. This is actually a funny image even though I don't get it.

This is equally funny. Check out what the shroom is wearing!

I even got a bag to go with my shoes. Where am I going to go looking this good?


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nakamura x3 at Columbia College - Mirai sushi

The Nakamura Trio. I'm Nakamura 1, Tad, 2, and Goh 3. This sounded like a joke, three guys who happen to have the same last name on a panel together, but guess what? It worked. We're spread across different disciplines in a way that's perfectly apart, yet similar in worlds that we actually mesh. We can answer the same questions in different ways, with our own experiences. I realize that Goh is all about being real and holding not too much back. I try and do the same. Tad meanwhile has a strong ethnocentric view without being boring - much like his films.

What an interesting poster! I wanted one, and they gave me one, then it disappeared. Hope I can find one, one day. Anyone at Columbia peel one off the wall for me?

About 50 or so came out. ASO Asian Student Organization came out in numbers.

These dudes make cool zines in Chicago. Zines are the heartbeat of publishing. I know there's more photos of us with the folks who came through!

Ryan Yokota - The World is Yours! He's in Chicago now. It's been ages since I've seen him.

I was kidding around saying Tad is the Asian Tupac. I dunno why that keeps popping into my head. Tad played varsity safety for Culver City high school and was the team captain!

We're now at Mirai after the talk. It's one of the better spots in Chicago for Sushi.

It's Alice's birthday! She's a supporter and friend of the film festival.

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Sunsets in CHICAGO - Gene Siskel

Sunsets, the feature film still is getting it's day. It's now played twice in Chicago to not the largest crowds, but twice at Siskel Film Center. The first time they (Siskel and Ebert) were both alive and well with a powerful show that influenced crowds to see movies. Today, Siskel has passed away and Ebert is working hard through a stroke. Rating movies has gone to new folks, mostly online. Films have changed. The medium and technique are different. Yet, the film center still exists and makes movies look good. The front door itself is a reminder that you're entering a real cinema center. Don't mess around inside. This is the Rucker Park of film.

The projection was beautiful. A serious projection system that made us look good. I actually sat through the film again.

What do film fest folks do to kill a bit of time? Scrabble. That's the scene when we walked in. Game on. What's with the eye patch girl in the painting!

That's Mike standing outside of the film center. He dresses up for cinema. Chicago has cinematic streets thanks to the elevated trains. The Fugitive! Remember the "L" train scene? How dramatic.

The photo is says it all. I hope this photo stays up in this joint forever.

One the way out we bid Siskel adieu once again. Thanks for everything. If people took a sec and poured some out for the man, that would be cool.

Yes. We made the digital marquee. Is Revisited part of the title? I guess it looks cool.

Of course with a big group, it's all about Korean food since they're open late. How Asian, right? I hope a ritual like this never goes out of style. San Soo Gab San is one of these places. They give you an insane amount of side dishes (panchan). Although it was cold outside, we left as many of our articles of clothing in the car. This place will get you smelling pretty.

Kim Turley is about to bust into laughter again. Tim tends to the pork. And Emily Wang ponders a square of food.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chicago 2 moments

This building's side looked amazing. It's not art, but it does look like it. We were walking around downtown Chicago in the art area, and I wonder how many students must stop and trip out on this. Now that I shot this photo, it's ready to be tagged, bombed, and added on to. Get to it kids.

Eugenia and Emily Wang (the mini heart beat of FAAIM) She looks 12, but no, she is not. Give her a minute and she can code a website or edit down a video.

Smoque is a BBQ spot that's pretty good. This is the brisket. Aside from the tasty everything, I dig the cole slaw. Why is cole slaw so good sometimes?

That's Michael Aki and Eugenia Yuan before their film, Strangers was set to start. Something must have been great on Eugenia's cell phone.

The ceiling of Longman & Eagle. Done by artist Cody Hudson - one of the rad artists in Chicago. It's been a while, since I heard from him, but he's definitely working. It's all pieces of wood.

Cody Hudson Art at Longman & Eagle. He's part owner of this place. The food is quite great.

That's Mirai Itamae san Andy and Goh Nakamura standing in front of Longman & Eagle.

This is punk rock. At first I thought it was a leftover tire, from a pillaging of a lone bike. But no, this is how they roll in Chicago. This too is a fixed gear.


The station put the content of our talk online. It's an interesting station since if you read the FAQ it actually tells you that you can make content, submit it, and they may use it. Maybe something like Current TV. I sort of don't remember the interview too well, since it seemed to fly by, but here it is again online for anyone to hear. It's a real station, but I think a feature like listener added content is a cool way to go.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Goh and Tim Chicago FAAIM

That's Tim. We were on radio which is an NPR show at89.5 Tim Hugh fights the good fight. That should go on the t-shirt bearing FAAIM - the film festival. While others need huge staffs, this fest gets done with the tiniest crew. I'll guess that this has to be one of the indiest film fests in the Nation that's been around for 15 years. This year, it's been looking great.

One of the most easy going guys is Goh Nakamura. Give him a venue and he'll play. In this shot, we're 43 floors up doing a streaming concert. While people are stressing, Goh can always sit back with his guitar and just play. Most of us can't do that. We stayed at a spot that overlooked Lake Michigan. It's almost an ocean view but not quite. Look at the view we had.

That's Goh doing his thing at the radio station. Mind you, he got rockstar and broke some gear in the studio there, but overall, he played a nice song.

That's Tim and Helga.


Friday, April 09, 2010


Giant Robot, filmmaking, and whatever comes with it, takes you places sometimes. Today, it's Chicago. A film I made is showing tonite, a panel discussion I'm on comes up on tuesday. Meanwhile, I'm staying in a great high rise, which has not much in it. That means, I can get work done in this insanely cool setting. It's cold outside, which means, yes, I'll stay in. Chinese American brutha, Tim Hugh runs this film festival. It's stripped down, quite indie, and sort of walks to it's own beat. In a way, that's how I do things - for better or worse and it's fun to meet others who mesh well and do things their own way.

The film will even show at the Siskel Center which by name has to be the greatest film center in the world! Right? Siskel of Siskel and Ebert! Although it's an honor to be invited places, which actually happens often, but it's usually for work that I've done. I'm now working to hopefully get invited for the things I'm doing tomorrow.

What lake is this anyway? I should know, but I don't.


Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Sunsets coming to a DVD store, rental shop, and even Netflix. Imagine, this film has been sitting for over ten years, we re cut it, and now it's finally going to be on DVD. This is the box cover. Pretty cool, I'd have to say, and the cover actually went through some revisions. This is the coolest and it sort of has that BlueNote feel. We recorded the director's commentary in the GR office on recent night which was fun, yet it's doubtful I'll ever listen to it. But if you're into film, I think it'll be interesting since we do explain our process and how everything worked.

Sunsets is also showing this friday in Chicago as part of FAIIM at 10:15pm! Get tickets! I'm scheduled to be there, so if you come, hit me up, say hello.

Also it's on Amazon!

Here's the trailer:


IPad dreams

I don't have an IPad. I'll probably get one. Yesterday, at GRHQ we had our first meeting about the IPad. Is it our future? Maybe? It's still a frontier, and you'd think when Apple releases an object like an IPad, it would get publishers involved in it early, but instead, it's sort of like the first Macs. They released it without much software. IPad luckily can be adaptable from iPhone apps, so there's a headstart, but how do you navigate a magazine on an iPad? Many have seen the Sport Illustrated Youtube video. It's impressive and something most print publishers have seen. How easy is that going to be? If you're a huge outlet, millions are going to be poured into an app like that, but for an indie, what will it be like? My main worry is that it'll end up looking like a blog post, much like this one. You already get plenty of blog posts for free. We can easily place a whole issue online as a series of blog posts, which would be sad. Our magazine is far from a blog post. There really is a lot of work going into each article - much more than the text you're getting right here. So the difference is presentation is navigation. The SI thing you see above is super thought out, it's probably taken a team of consultants, designers, and more to create something like that. We don't have that, but I suppose we can take bits and pieces that we like from everywhere to create our own. But at the same time, there'll probably be tons of out of box solutions to make this easier. It'll always take customizing time much like a Dreamweaver, Expression Engine, etc. Then hopefully it'll be easy. It's always strange when a new technology comes out, and the software and usability isn't quite thought out yet at least for the indie folks who are a larger part of the consumer base than the SIs of the world.

Meanwhile, at GR, we're making our print publication, and I can't quite see a quick switch over to a pad like device, but we have our eyes on it.


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

meet Carsick Cars at GR2 today

Carsick Cars played at the Echo and displayed a mix of guitar madness ala Sonic Youth. They went on last, but for those who waited they got to see what has to be one of China's finest. It's indie rock, but these guys speak English, so they're definitely cut from another mold. They'll be at GR2 today to meet you and sign some discs and who knows what. We're leaving it open. We'll be posting some more about them soon.


Saturday, April 03, 2010

Jawbreaker Weekend! Thoughts!

Imagine, we decided to have a listening party (sort of) for an album that's 20 years old. No band appearance, although we got the band's blessing, and we publicized it as much as we could in under a week. For a weekend, we'd play their music all day, and let people shop while they got to listen to one of the more important bands of punk rock history. We decided to have a contest, had prizes provided by the band, and the fans came out to all of the shops. The tattoos are amazing. So many people have them. We took photos and there's even more to come. I saw the photo above, and it's an artistic rendition of "Boat on a Hill" from a GRNY shopper - a great song! We'll add more photos, and do something like again. I proclaim Jawbreaker Weekend - an Annual event at GR. This is sort of like a hug that we needed. For those of you who don't know who Jawbreaker is/was/is, believe it or not, it's not too late.

Created with flickr slideshow.


Friday, April 02, 2010

Ryan Reyes - Youtube star - Pimplywimp

Visiting Albert Reyes always leads to cool things. 1) The art in his house is amazing. We've featured that in the magazine before and his studio room of art keeps changing. Original art he got from trades include Matt Furie, Date Farmers, and plenty of others I don't know so well. 2) His brother is Pimplywimp Ryan Reyes. Hilarious videos. He's in his own Youtube videos but he's also in movies. It's an alternate way to go to be in the business. Is it the real way of the future? Will there be big stars who will one day say, "I started on Youtube"? The cool thing is, you can say you're always working, and it's a good way to practice your craft and get feedback. Want to hire him? You can check out his reel without even asking. See his Crispin Glover imitation. The 6th part is actually going up soon!

Here are a couple of links to his videos. They're definitely on the edge and funny.