GR2: Krom Kendama Night Photos

Thanks to Thorkild May, Mathias Steen, Philip Eldridge and the crew of kendamaists who made it out. We’ll be doing this once in a while and we hope to see you there!



R0021648 R0021650 R0021651 R0021652 R0021653 R0021654 R0021655 R0021657 R0021658 R0021659 R0021660R0021664 R0021665R0021668 R0021669R0021675 R0021676 R0021677 R0021678 R0021679 R0021680 R0021681 R0021682 R0021683 R0021690 R0021691 R0021692 R0021693 R0021694 R0021695 R0021696 R0021697 R0021698 R0021699 R0021701 R0021687 R0021700

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