Giant Robot 20 Years: More Photos

Here’s a few more images from the reception.
R0020761 R0020764 R0020766 R0020769 R0020772 R0020773 R0020774 R0020776 R0020777 R0020780 R0020781 R0020782 R0020784 R0020786 R0020789 R0020791 R0020792 R0020793 R0020795 R0020796 R0020798 R0020800 R0020802 R0020803 R0020804 R0020808 R0020810 R0020811 R0020815 R0020816 R0020818 R0020820 R0020821 R0020822 R0020824 R0020825 R0020826 R0020827 R0020829 R0020830 R0020833 R0020834 R0020835 R0020838 R0020839 R0020841 R0020843 R0020846 R0020847 R0020849 R0020850 R0020851 R0020832 R0020837 R0020842 R0020848 R0020797 R0020801 R0020805 R0020817 R0020823 R0020770 R0020775 R0020783 R0020790 R0020779 R0020794

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