GR2: Multimatter Reception

A cool saturday didn’t stop our close friends and customers from stopping in. Okashii made some great GR Big Boss Robot cookies that tasted great. It was nice to see friends coming through on a last show of the year type vibe.

R0020040 R0020050 R0020043 R0020029 R0020046 R0020049 R0020052 R0020042 R0020022 R0020032 R0020025 R0020028 R0020045 R0020038 R0020048 R0020051 R0020041 R0020031 R0020024 R0020054 R0020027 R0020037 R0020047 R0020023 R0020033 R0020026 R0020036 R0020030 R0020058 R0020072 R0020071 R0020064 R0020070 R0020063 R0020062 R0020061 R0020119 R0020060 R0020118 R0020117 R0020123 R0020116 R0020109 R0020099 R0020122 R0020108 R0020115 R0020098 R0020121 R0020107 R0020114 R0020097 R0020120 R0020106 R0020113 R0020089 R0020096 R0020105 R0020112 R0020095 R0020088 R0020111 R0020104 R0020094 R0020087 R0020110 R0020103 R0020093 R0020079 R0020086 R0020102 R0020092 R0020078 R0020085 R0020101 R0020084 R0020091 R0020077 R0020100 R0020083 R0020069 R0020090 R0020076 R0020082 R0020068 R0020075 R0020074 R0020081 R0020067 R0020073 R0020059 R0020080 R0020066 R0020065

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