Towa Tei: Barry McGee at Berkeley Art Museum

All photographs by Towa Tei at the press preview.

Woo Hon Fai Hall 2626 Bancroft Way 2625 Durant Avenue Between College and Telegraph (BAMFA - Barry McGee)

P1060733 P1060722 P1060721 P1060719 P1060714 P1060712 P1060676 P1060675 P1060658 P1060638 P1060625 P1060622 P1060616 P1060586 P1060579 P1060575 P1060553 P1060549 P1060543 P1060537 P1060531 P1060528 P1060524 P1060522 P1060519 P1060516 P1060514 P1060511 P1060507 P1060506 P1060500 P1060499 P1060497 P1060493 P1060478

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