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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dessert is not just for dessert any more


So this morning I had brunch with a bunch of friends at this new-ish restaurant in Silver Lake called Cliff's Edge. It's a fancy courtyard with a Southeast Asian vibe and nice grill-type food. Everything was pretty good, but the dish of the day was French toast with Nutella and bananas flambe. We bought it as a community dish--picking off it as you would fries--and it was pretty awesome.

Kind of like the other month when I had creme brulee French toast at Julienne in San Marino. At first I was disappointed by the size of the tiny slice, even with the torched and caramelized surface, but that little dude put me in a daylong daze.

Back to Cliff's Edge. I think it's funny how this fancy-shmancy eatery is next to a 99 cent store. Do they get their bananas and bread there? And was that Tracy Chapman we saw eating in the corner?

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