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Friday, March 31, 2006

Redd, white, and yellow


Procrastination is the mother of getting stuff done. I finally tracked down the MP3s to the Steven McDonald/White Strips sort-of collaboration from a couple years back! I think it's awesome, and I don't even own any White Stripes records.

If you're not familiar with SM, he's one of the brothers behind Redd Kross, one of the bitchinest bands ever. The amazing thing about the group is that they changed lineups a number of times, yet they never got lame or boring--just different, from snotty punk trio to mutant '70s garage rockers to super sunny arena anthems. The one thing that stayed constant was the fun factor and lack of taking themselves too seriously. They also get points for making a concert T-shirt with Peko Chan of Milky candy fame on it.

GR trivia time: Eric was friends with the bros, and probably has a boatload of pics from the Neurotica and Third Eye era or so. Meanwhile Redd Kross' official photog, Vicki Berndt, was an early contributor to GR. She snapped the Chow Yun-Fat and Maggie Cheung covers and wrote an article about Japanese tattoo master Hiroshi III. I think that's what the dude's name was.

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