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Wednesday, December 13, 2006



Today is the final day to order stuff from the GR online shop and have guaranteed delivery by Winter Solstice or Xmas. (Not sure when Hannukah and Kwanzaa are.) I've been helping M and K collect orders, restock shelves, and make them and C and sometimes Eric listen to Chinese Jamaicans and The Romanes when I hijack the speakers with my iPod.

This is nothing. You should see the vanloads Eric drives to the post office.

I'm usually holed up at the mag office while Eric is often running around tending/putting out fires at the shops, restaurants, and everything else, so I enjoy hanging out with the dudes and seeing people on Sawtelle.

Today's playlist has included Alice Cooper and The Fall.

Orders are easing up, but maybe some of you are just waiting until the last minute to see if friends or family members are naughty and get themselves tossed off present island.
Blogger umeboshi onigiri said...

Man you guys are just 34/14!

6:41 PM  

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