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Monday, December 11, 2006

Li hing gang


One of the cooler articles in GR45 went behind the scenes of the Jade Food company in Hawaii. It's the only crack seed business that makes its own li hing goodies, and doesn't just boat them in from Asia. Jade's leader Deanne mentioned that one of the things they've done is alter the flavor from the harsher, medicinal Chinese flavor of mui into something sweeter and more Island friendly.

Here's the jar that we gave to Wendy's parents. The dried plums, peaches, and other fruit are long gone and in their place is all sorts of dried stuff that I can't identify. Lik Bono proclaiming that he reclaimed "Helter Skelter" from Charles Manson who stole the song from The Beatles. Wendy's parents took back the sticky-sweet flavor, and made it Chinese again.

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