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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

People in your neighborhood


It's cool to grab street food, check out wats, and cool off at the mall when you're visiting Bangkok, but sometimes you need the help of a local to find the best dinner spots.

We spent a couple evenings with VER gallerist and fine artist Toh (right) by the river. From the spot in this picture, you can actually see Chinatown and the spires of National Palace. Beautiful. A couple nights later, we ate by the historic pier, where I had the best Pad Thai ever. It was folded in an omelet! Toh will be going to Paris pretty soon for a show and possibly a residency.

Joe (right) took us to a restaurant off Sukhumvit--not far from our hotel yet totally off our radar. The translation is Royal Kitchen, but good look finding it. There are probably a hundred places with a name like that! The radish and kale were superb, and so was dessert at a place called Summer. Although Joe's latest movie, Syndromes and a Century, was banned in Thailand, he was leaving to be a juror at the Shanghai Film Festival the next day!

Joe is featured in GR48. Toh, in GR47. Me? I'm knee deep into GR49...

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