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Monday, February 04, 2008

Lwife gwoes won...


Whenever a mag goes to the printer, I get a little depressed. The issue fills just about every waking moment--and a lot of the sleeping ones, too--and then we're lefting hanging. Not so this time around. Too much stuff going on:

1. Office cleaning. Besides wrapping up things like the comp list, the office is a total mess and I have to do something about it. Honestly, we're embarrassed when people come over to help.

2. House cleaning. I dropped off two carloads of stuff at the Goodwill drop-off center in Los Feliz over the weekend. Some of it was pretty good! But don't start lining up at the location just yet. I've been filling boxes of the primo stuff for a GR garage sale that's in the works.

2. Free shows. There are a couple free shows this week that I want to check out. Nada Surf tonight at some guitar showroom in Beverly Hills and then Super Furry Animals at Amoeba in Hollywood on Thursday night. I think you have to be on a list for the former, but maybe I'll see you at the latter. It's an acoustic set, so don't expect any Pete Fowler animation, though.

4. Night Marchers. John Reis from RFTC/Drive Like Jehu/Hot Snakes has formed a new band and they're playing four nights in a row starting on Friday night. The Sunday night show in Long Beach sounds good to me. Any other takers or do I have to go solo?

5. Super Tuesday. I'm voting no on S and yes on Obama. How about you?

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