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Friday, February 29, 2008

The other MIA


Yesterday, original OC punk Mike Conley was found murdered in Chicago. He used to sing for MIA, a band that I saw once at Fender's Ballroom in Long Beach. It was the last show of the Descendents' "FinALL" tour (before Milo went back to college) and the supporting acts included Social Unrest and Conley's band. I think Plain Wrap might have been on the bill, too.

I was exposed to MIA through its contribution "New Left" on MRR's Not So Quiet on the Western Front comp back in 1982, and the group went on to release 7" singles and albums on Bomp!, Alternative Tentacles, and Flipside.

They transitioned from playing Reagan-era topical political punk ("Gas Crisis," "Murder in a Foreign Place," "All the Presidents Skin") to pioneering the Socal pop-punk sound, even covering "California Dreaming" on their After the Fact LP, which featured Frank Daly and Mark Arnold, who went on to form Big Drill Car. Conley went on to form the post-punk band Naked Soul.

Most recently, Conley was probably better known for owning the Avalon Bar in Costa Mesa, but his old band will always remind me of being a awkward teenager in Orange County being drawn to the then-underground, scary, and powerful world of punk rock.

Blogger DVSRita said...

I love flyer history ... there's a bar in Cleveland that has almost all the punk rock flyers ever posted in the city. It's called the "Spitfire". It's epic!!

10:57 AM  

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