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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Baby vs. Baby Ruth


I've sworn that this wasn't going to become a baby blog, but there's no one else in the office at the moment and I've got to share this with someone--anyone.

Every other night, Wendy and I give Eloise a bath. Yes, there's a ton of dried-up spit to remove from her chin(s) and various other stuff to wash off, but it's also really calming for the baby. You can actually feel her go from tense to limp as she's placed on the hammock that's suspended in warm water. So the other night, we were laughing at her farting in the water, blowing bubbles. Ha ha, cute right? Yeah, until unchie started coming out--at first in slow motion like a floating tentacle of ectoplasm. We were stupefied and shocked, but luckily Wendy came to her senses and fished it out with a cup. The second one looked more like an overcooked Cheeto (regular, not puffed). Crazy!

I was telling a friend about this, and he didn't get my Caddyshack allusion. For those of you too young to understand, here's the clip for your edification.

p.s. If who visit and are wondering which cups we used... you'll never know. Not until it's too late.
Blogger umeboshi onigiri said...

Judging by my niece and nephew, Eloise may be leaving many more
chocolate treasures all around
the house!

Now the invite below seems a little sketchy, but if I do take you up on it, I'll be sure to bring
my own cup and pass on any
chocolate desserts.

Oh yeah, and if it floats, that
means she's healthy.

3:59 PM  
Blogger Joseph said...

For all the times I'd given Julie baths, I'd never had her do that during bathtime. That is until we were living briefly with my parents (we were between houses) and she decided to do it in my parents' tub!

I did the same thing though. For a few seconds I was stunned. I couldn't believe it was happening. Then, I just scrambled to get Julie out and then clean the tub up. I think I used my hands.


7:48 AM  
Blogger L. said...

Live and learn. We tried to do bath AFTER a major discharge, that way, the RED ZONE gets a good cleaning and it minimizes the risk of floating Snickers Bar in the water.

12:00 PM  

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