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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Head and toes


We finally received our main shipment of GR53 this afternoon. It took forever. You'd think a shipper named Yellow would look out for a publication about Asian and Asian-American popular culture. Nope. This is the second time the company has let our magazines sit in a warehouse and collect dust when they should have been surfacing on the shelves of our shops and shipping from our online store.

I've really been anticipating the mag's arrival. When we received advance copies a few weeks ago, I was driving to Mammoth and all the issues seemed to have vanished when I got back home. So I haven't really had a chance to look it over yet.

One of the boxes had this scribble on it. Is it a doodling? a map? It reminds me of a Pinback tour EP cover or the landing strips of the gods. When we shared the cover at our presentation at UIC, someone asked what the artwork was all about. The simple answer is that it's a character by James Jarvis, an artist from the UK who has played a pioneering role in the fields of streetwear and designer toys. But there are some other interpretations. Doesn't the face resemble the Japanese army flag (sometimes confused with the Navy flag flown by kamikaze pilots, interviewed in this issue)? Reluctant Hong Kong Noodle Company mogul Merlin Lowe (also interviewed in GR53)? A drunk Asian (perhaps you)? Read it however you want.

But before I crack open and revisit the issue, I've got to move all the boxes into our shed. Looks like I chose the wrong day to wear floppies.

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