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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vulture vs. Labs


The other week I got a package from Cardiff, UK with the new issue of Culture Vulture. Issues of this zine ran back-to-back articles with Eric and me not too long ago, so you know Nick, Samantha, and company have good taste. Interviews include cover artist James Ulmer, GR homie Adrian Tomine, and a spotlight on yarn crafters in Cardiff. Reviews of Eagle vs. Shark and Wes Anderson and a "Paris A to Z" (Eric did one, too!) confirm that we are brothers from different mothers.

My favorite article was the run-down on chips--those things you get with fish. Interestingly, many of the spots (including the top one) were Chinese food joints. There seems to be a lot of Chinese food/fish & chips places, perhaps a distant relative of the Chinese food/donuts shops that we wrote about a few issues ago. Interesting...

Here's something else I've been carrying around. Andrew Jeffrey Wright's "Labs with Abs" calendar arrived a few months into 2008, but luckily the one I was using sucked! I can't handle those week-to-week dealios, and need something that (1) shows a full month on a spread and (2) has enough space to write on.

Here's a sample spread. AJW's art is simple yet effective, pleasing yet disturbing. The art makes you feel a little dirty, but the artist himself is a really nice, humble guy that is easy to hang out with. Totally talented and unpretentious. If you cross-reference the scribblings on this page with my blog entries, you can confirm if do indeed pretty much share everything on my blog, and don't hold out on anything juicy.

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