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Thursday, May 01, 2008

5 for the price of 3


Stopped by Amoeba Music on Sunset this morning to use up some credit... Walked away with three new CDs... First of all, the domestic version of the new Boris album, Smile. I already bought the Japanese one, but this one has a different song order and completely different mixes. This self-produced version feels heavier and less pretty, but I'm only a couple tracks in. In the booklet, you'll find art by the band's biggest (but smallest) fan, Nene. I got one of the limited-edition of 3,000 that came with a bonus DVD featuring "three visually stunning Boris videos." This is only available from the Southern Lord label or Amoeba. If you buy it from Amoeba in Berkeley, you can get a wristband that will get you into a free after-hours show!

I finally get to hear The Night Marchers. I only need to say one word to sum it up: Speedo. Okay, maybe two more: John Reis. If you liked Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From The Crypt, and Hot Snakes, you're already buying the songs on iTunes. (Honestly, the packaging on the band's debut is rather minimal.)

Finally, there's the latest collection of Greatest Hits from Morrissey. I probably wouldn't have bought this if it weren't the deluxe version with a bonus disc including solo (non-Smiths) songs from last summer's performance at the Hollywood Bowl. I was there, and it was great! If you are a vinyl purist or hardcore fan with money to burn, there's also a double vinyl version out there somewhere.

Despite the fact that the Dodgers played a morning game and the Lakers don't play until Sunday, my listening is now set for tonight's drive home. Bring on the traffic.
Blogger Single finger salute! said...

Night Marchers are so good. Listening to them reminds me of the first time I heard Normal Carpet Ride.

10:25 PM  

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