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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thursday meeting


Went by the house for our weekly meeting and had the latest discovery. See the rain gutter over the porch? It turns out there's nothing behind it. It's like a lengthy, gaping wound that lets insects, moisture, and anything else into the space in the overhang. We have to do something about that. One more change order--hopefully one of the last.

Walking under the carport by the side, you can see the silver-painted panel next the sliding door, leading to the metal siding. It looks really clean.

Siding is going up in back, too. See that angled space over the sliding doors and to the left? It's painted silver with lights that will be covered by translucent panels. Walk into the sliding doors to enter the kitchen and family room. Rody from Cal Asia is really taking care of the details and making sure the angles meet just right.

From the family room you looking into the kitchen, you can tell that everything is installed. See how the butcher-block counter-top climbs the wall on the left and goes across the ceiling? It's going to go down the other wall and jut out as a small eating/food prep surface.

The other end of the butcher block extends to the side door and bends down to the ground, making space for a small trashcan. Another nice touch from John and Michelle.

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