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GR2: Yukinori Dehara – “Tiny Little Objects” – Online


Yukinori Dehara art is available online at this link. 

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GR2: Sun 4/27 3:30-5:30 SuperAwesome Book Signing



Giant Robot is proud to present a SuperAwesome Book signing at GR2.

Sunday 4/27, 2014 3:30-5:30pm at Giant Robot 2

Scheduled to appear at GR2 are kozyndan, Andrew Hem, Sean Chao, Luke Chueh, Masakatsu Sashie, Rob Sato, Ako Castuera, and possibly more!

This exhibition catalog features interviews and images, some from Giant Robot magazine and some that are completely new. Artists featured in the publication include: Ako Castuera, Sean Chao, David Choe, Luke Chueh, Hamburger Eyes, Andrew Hem, James Jean, Kozyndan, Masakatsu Sashie, Shizu Saldamando, Rob Sato, Amy Sol, Deth P Sun, and Adrian Tomine. Also included are forwards by Konrad Ng, Aaron Cometbus, and curatorial statements from Carin Adams and Eric Nakamura.

For any additional information of inquires,
feel free to contact Eric Nakamura: [email protected]

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GR2: Ako Castuera – Magic Bodies 9/28 – 10/16 2013

Here are the pieces from the exhibition.

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GR2: Strange Symbiosis Art

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GR2: Luke Rook is Grody to the Max Pieces

Pieces from the exhibition. The Otanoshimi bags have been selling. Fun work.

[nggallery id=gr2-luke-rook-is-grody-to-the-max]

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GR2: Year of the Snake Art

The work from Year of the Snake is now available here.

[nggallery id=142]

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GR2: Living Depictions Art Online

Wayne Johnson, Elliot Brown, Maiko Kanno, Kwanchai Moriya, Shawn Cheng, Jay Horinouchi, Sarah Lee. Art available at the link.

[nggallery id=gr2-living-depictions-art]

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GR2 Printed Matter Art Gallery




[nggallery id=GR2-Printed-Matter-Art]

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GR2 Post It 8 Install

Installation of Post It 8. Hopefully a video coming soon.

[nggallery id=GR2-post-it-install]

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D-Con 2012 Photo set

Thanks Kat Rivera for some pics.

That’s Leecifer and Aaron Brown, both of who will be in an exhibition at GR2 in 2013.

[nggallery id=d-con-2012]

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GR2 – Mari Inukai 20 Pieces of Dreams Art

Art currently online at

[nggallery id=gr2mari20]

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GR2: Misty Fog’s Combat Rock – Le Merde and Kiyoka Ikeda Online!

The mastery of Kiyoka Ikeda and Le Merde will be available to the public online. They’ll be sitting a this link. 


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Le Merde and Kiyoka Ikeda’s Misty Fog’s Combat Rock Preview Images

You may know Kiyoka Ikeda from Gargamel and you know Mike Kelly (Le Merde) together they’re combining forces to create a new body of work. Here’s a preview of what’s to come.

The color ways are amazing.


Moai in the middle has to be a nod to Tokyo’s Moai at Shibuya station (Easter Island), Sphinx and the pyramids. I dig this kind of thinking.

Coasters! Following up on his last set of coasters, here’s a preview of the new upcoming set.

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Jeni Yang Art Available Online

Jeni Yang art available Online at this link.

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Jeni Yang Installing Two of a Kind at GR2


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GameSpot Tours Giant Robot Booth 1729 at Comic-Con 2012

 GameSpot gets GR Boss Robot Eric Nakamura to give him a video tour of BOOTH 1729 at Comic-Con 2012.

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Giant Robot – Game Over Exhibition 6/5 – 6/27 Art Photos Part 2

Realized forgot to post Part 2 of the Game Over exhibition! 140 pieces is a lot (see the art in the shop)

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Giant Robot – Game Over Exhibition 6/5 – 6/27 Art Photos

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GR2 I Am Fine May 5 – May 30, 2012 – Eishi Takaoka

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Otomo Katsuhiro’s Genga Art Exhibit

While production for the fan maligned live-action Akira adaptation may have screeched to a halt as of January 5, 2012, Otomo Katsuhiro–the original creator for the manga and anime–is ever busy with an upcoming art exhibit at the 3331 Chiyoda Arts Centre in Tokyo, Japan, showcased between April 9th to March 30th, 2012. The Genga Exhibition, as it is called, already has a catalogue available for pre-order on

So far, unpublished art for Kaba 2 will be showcased alongside pieces from his other work.

In addition to that, a special discussion will occur live on UStream between Katsuhiro-san, Blood: The Last Vampire‘s Katsuya Terada, and Perfect Blue‘s Hisashi Higuchi on April 9th, 8 p.m. Japan local time.

Guests are required to purchase their tickets in advance at Lawson’s convenience stores for admittance at a designated time. What’s better is that this is an opportunity to geek out for a good cause. Thirty percent of ticket proceeds go towards helping victims of the 3/11 Earthquake.

Nothing’s set in stone, but I’ll definitely try to make it out there sometime in April or May and report further on the exhibit.

Tickets are on sale 1500円 for adults, 800円 for students, and 500円 for junior high school students. For more information, visit 3331 Chiyoda Arts homepage or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

6-11-14 Sotokanda Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo 101-0021
TEL:+81(0)3-6803-2441 / FAX:+81(0)3-6803-2442 / E-MAIL:[email protected]

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