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Giant Robot Goods: 1.8.13 – Biennale 3 Artwork – Don’t miss out!


giant robot



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Giant Robot Biennale 3 Artwork


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iPhone Photos of the Week

A customer came into GR2. I saw some tattoos of Takashi Murakami’s Dob, Kiki, and he had a KAWS as well.


Big Boss Robot Hoodies on Kat and Dean.


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gr/eats Last Day is Today

Thanks to all customers and friends! Simply said.

photo take from Yelp


Photo by Gabor Mestor

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gr/eats in Grub Street

Digging the headline! Who would put a slash in the name of a restaurant? Oh yeah, we would. (Grub Street – gr/eats)

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gr/eats packed. Thank you!

gr/eats packed. photo by Thomas Nakanishi

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gr/eats in the LA Weekly

Some closure love in the LA Weekly. Here’s a link to an older piece about GR and gr/eats from Mr Jonathan Gold. The article is at bottom. His words flow like sugar water.



gr/eats Last Day Feb 13th!

Yes there’s a special priced menu. The food is yummy and it’s time to say goodbye! Visit before we close!


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gr/eats Changing Hands on Feb 14

Take 20% off of the following items! Yes, we’re in our farewell mode for gr/eats. It’s been a great ride and it’s time to move forward on exciting new projects.


The Delicious Life Blogs gr/eats

Sarah, thanks much. Great food photos. Here’s a couple below and there’s more at the link. (thedeliciouslife – gr/eats)

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Champon from gr/eats

We’re not sure if this is going to be a regular menu item, but it’s quite great. All reviews are thumbs up. Champon is from Nagasaki and has a mix of Japanese and Chinese food. It’s quite great.

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gr/eats new menu!

Download the new menu. It’s in PDF format.



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Carmageddon Sale – 40% off and take 10% more on sale items + gr/eats specials!


Giant Robot, GR2

Carmageddon Sale – 40% off and take 10% more on sale items

gr/eats $5 Bowls (Fri 7/15 and Sat 7/16 only – closed Sun)


Take 40% off and 10% more on sale items

Sat and Sun July 16 – July 17th, 2011

GR1 2015 Sawtelle Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 478-1819

GR2 2062 Sawtelle Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 445-9276

Sat 11:30-8p

Sun 12-7p


gr/eats 2050 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 478-3242

Fri 12-2:30 5:30-9pm

Sat 12-2:30 5:30-9pm



Giant Robot is proud to host a Carmageddon Sale on Sawtelle Blvd.

If you venture out, instead of staying at home, we’ll give you a great discount on our merchandise, ranging from T-shirts, books, toys, Uglydoll, housewares, and so much more. You’ll find that special gift for yourself or for even Holidays. Yes, really, plan ahead and come down and take 40% off and 10% more on the already marked down items. We’re not allowing that discount on art work by the current art show artists, Yukinori Dehara, but there are plenty of other great items to check out.

gr/eats is doing something a bit different, but also just as tasty. on Friday 7/15 and Saturday 7/16, we’re featuring $5 bowls. Two kinds: Chicken Teriyaki Bowl or Chicken Katsu Curry Bowl for $5! We’re closed sunday.

Eric Nakamura
Giant Robot Owner/Publisher
[email protected]
(310) 479-7311

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GR Featured in UCLA magazine – Bruin Guide to LA

We are featured in UCLA Magazine. Thanks to writer Scott Fields and photographer Mathieu Young. Yes, come and visit us. UCLA’s support has always been great. Actually, not just UCLA, but most of the Southern California Schools have been great to us. Thanks much.

“Visit one of three Giant Robot locations on the Westside opened by a former UCLA East Asian Studies major and get a dose of Japanese pop culture. There’s a store, a restaurant and a gallery space that promotes local artists. All three are hip, urban, international and different.” (UCLA Magazine - Bruin Guide to L.A.)


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Food Trucks Book Signing with Heather Shouse, Kogi, Mandoline Grill

[nggallery id=11]

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gr/eats playist – 100 songs!

gr/eats playist - 100 songs!

Just as GR67 was wrapping, Eric asked me to make a playlist for Giant Robot’s humble restaurant on Sawtelle. His only stipulation was that the music be appropriate for dining. Of course, I said yes. I’ll do anything for GR, and this would be a fun task. The first thing I did was go into the shed in my backyard and start pulling CDs. The pile included bands that I’ve interviewed for GR (Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Enon, Abe Vigoda, RFTC, The Strange Boys, Carbon/Silicon, Pinback, Voxtrot, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down), been featured in GR (Hartfield, Faye Wong, Super Furry Animals), bands that I’ve reviewed for GR (The Romanes, Ty Segall, Brilliiant Colors, Monsters Are Waiting, Surfer Blood), friends (Seam, Damon & Naomi, Goh Nakamura, The Invisible Cities, Ray Barbee, ICU), bands that I grew up loving (The Clash, X, Buzzcocks, The Specials, The English Beat, The Three O’Clock), songs that have stuck with me since high school and college (by The Church, Roxy Music, Love & Rockets, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Replacements), and current favorites (Paul Weller, Ted Leo, Super Furry Animals).

A lot of harder punk, some metal, classic hip-hop, and weirder stuff has been left out due to the restaurant setting, and I couldn’t figure out a way to blend in reggae, but these 100 songs add up to a pretty solid and hopefully fun 6 hours. Although no one except for Chef Nelson is going to listen from beginning to end, I still carefully arranged the songs and made a definite beginning and end. It isn’t meant to be heard on shuffle. So start compiling your version and enjoy, since nothing is super obscure. Or check it out at gr/eats. How many meals will it take to hear it all?

Comments, criticisms, your personal list? A legal injunction to remove a song? Let me know!

Hello Sunshine/Super Furry Animals
Lovely One/Ty Segall
Before I Start To Cry/Vivian Girls
Young Adult Friction/The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
You Can Make Me Feel Bad/Frankie Rose and the Outs
Daughter in the House of Fools/Enon
Extra Man/The Fucking Champs
ガールフレンド/The Romanes
No Tears to Cry/Paul Weller
I Searched/Brilliant Colors
If I Can’t Change Your Mind (Solo mix)/Sugar
Top of the World/Shonen Knife
Music to Watch Girls By/Terry Hall
Da-a-a-ance/The Lambrettas
When Lightning Starts/The Three O’Clock
I’ll See You Around/Silver Sun
Saudade/Love & Rockets
I Love You/Spacemen 3
Alone Again Or/The Damned
Manifesto (Remake)/Roxy Music
Integratron/Dengue Fever
The Way I Feel Inside/Lois
One Step Ladder/Three Mile Pilot
It’s So Hard To Fall in Love/Superchunk
Brand New Love/Superchunk
Hawaiian Baby/The Spinanes
Stars Never Fade/Damon & Naomi
I Don’t Care If You Go/Velocity Girl
Since U Been Gone/Ted Leo
Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives/Voxtrot
Somewhere/Goh Nakamura
The Only Reason This Club Was Made/The Invisible Cities
Girl Like You/Hartfield
Sister Risk/The Phoenix Foundation
You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory/Ronnie Spector
I’ll Dry My Tears/The Casual Dots
Tears of a Clown/The English Beat
Do Nothing/The Specials featuring Rico
Skyway/The Replacements
Lena Horne Still Sings Stormy Weather/Thelonious Monster
Dancing with Tears in My Eyes/X
Sound of the Rain/The Dils
Lonely Planet Boy (Live)/Johnny Thunders
For Lovers/Wolfman featuring Peter Doherty
Things We Do/The Fun Boy Three
What a Wonderful World/Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds with Shane Macgowan
Sea of Love/Iggy Pop
Starman/David Bowie
Rainbow/Boris featuring Michio Kurihara
What We Know/Sonic Youth
Electric Boots/Slumber Party
We All Need Love/Tim Burgess
Crystal Days/Echo & The Bunnymen
Lately (Album)/The Helio Sequence
Some Things Last a Long Time/Built To Spill
Virginia Reel Around The Fountain/The Halo Benders
Two Feet in Front/Lync
Moment by Moment/Ray Barbee
Gates of Steel/Devo
Damaged Goods/Gang of Four
Ex Lion Tamer/Wire
ESP/The Buzzcocks
Every Little Bit Hurts/The Clash
Your Woman/Cats on Fire
Take/The Colourfield
Hapy As Can Be/Cut Off Your Hands
Queen B/Marine Research
Sea Hunt/Beat Happening
Teenage Kicks/The Undertones
New Love/The Muffs
Make Me a Chevy/The Promise Ring
Floating Vibes/Surfer Blood
The Unguarded Moment/The Church
Wild Heart/Abe Vigoda
Nobody/Monsters Are Waiting
Sometimes Always/The Jesus & Mary Chain
I’m Gonna See You/That Dog
Modern Girl/Sleater-Kinney
Texas Never Whispers/Pavement
Magical Colors/The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Everything & Nothing At All/Quasi
I’m So Tired/Fugazi
Interview with the Chain Gang/Chain & The Gang
Bag of Hammers/Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
Night Might/The Strange Boys
Got My Hand in My Head/Money Mark
Classics of Love/Common Rider
National Anthem/Carbon/Silicon
Little Arm/Rocket From The Crypt
Offline PK/Pinback
Metronomic Underground/Stereolab
Sea Anemone/Jets To Brazil
First of the Gang To Die/Morrissey

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The Uglyverse is Here

The Uglyverse is Here

Photos from the Uglyverse. Fun times on Saturday on Sawtelle Blvd in West LA. Imagine having tons of rabid Uglydoll fans come through and hang out for the evening and night with Oxwho stood fast in the area. It began before 6:30 as usual, and while some folks loaded up on Babo’s Burgers at gr/eats (no, it’s not cannibalism!), some hung out and took a look at the many huge photos. They’re 30×40 inches and look great. David Horvath and Sun-min Kim signed a lot of everything. From Uglydoll bags to Uglydolls and even skatedecks, the flood gates were open and it was great to see fans smiling for entire night. It’s amazing who came through. It was a mix of adults, since this was a slightly more mature exhibition, and some kids too! I noticed more passerbys walking in because of Ox! At one point, I noticed tons of Asians from Asia inside!

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Giant Robot 2 – Bryan Lee O’Malley – Scott Pilgrim signing

Giant Robot 2 - Bryan Lee O’Malley - Scott Pilgrim signing

The Scott Pilgrim, Bryan Lee O’Malley signing was first an honor to host, but also a behemoth of an event. Who knew the day would be so warm, and the crowd that came had to wait outdoors. We did buy water, but ultimately the strength of the youth came forward. In line, some played their own music. I saw a ukulele, and guitar, and people singing together. A love-in, in line? The line at first went straight down to Hide Sushi, then we snaked it around to fit in the gr/eats lot. Of course people were curious. Why so many people? Other shops were mad, the bar next door complained about a car parked wrong, but how many extra dollars did they earn from the hundreds of extra people around? We even had a couple of undercover officers who waited in line for a while and looked for people doing drugs or drinking beer. Of course, they said we were doing something wrong. But were we? Private lot, no blockage of the sidewalk, no extra noise, no beer, what’s the problem? Of course, they said we need a permit. But for what? That said, the event was packed. Bryan signed and signed and managed funny retorts to the many comments by everyone. He’s an incredible sport to handle so many people, all adoring fans, who love the comic and love the movie. The power of an indie graphic novel came forward and spoke volumes in West LA. This was only the beginning. The signing started at 5 and went longer until 7:30 and even then, it didn’t end. We had to cut some people off, but I told everyone to stick around. Bryan would be playing videogames and signing more.

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gr/eats Teriyaki Burger

gr/eats Teriyaki Burger

This actually is a test blog post for our new system. Since Blogger decided to do some switch, we had to do the same thing. It’s caused a lag in our posts, but this system should be better than ever. We’ll see!

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gr/eats Sign – handmade – drive by and see it!

See this sign? It looks like something you could buy. But in the end, this was made by my dad. Imagine, he’s a semi retired contractor, but he can make just about anything. I know I’ve written about him before, but he strikes again. The cool thing about doing GR projects is asking him to make something. Check out the rest of these photos. Some of the little details are quite funny.

See the wheel? When I saw the sign, I wondered why is there a wheel there?! I didn’t ask for a skateboard.
I got the vinyl letters and put them on using a few credit cards to press them on. I was trying to get them on just right. Even the text was a collaboration by myself and Martin. It sort of tells it all. Where burgers, tacos, and udon meet. Healthy and fresh foods.

That’s me lining up the vinyl lettering. Measure twice, cut once. Oh and see that leather handle? It’s a piece of one of my dad’s old belts! He cut up a belt to make a handle! wtf?! The bungee cord is so we can secure it on around a pole!
That’s what the wheels are all about! You can fold this and roll it, so even the weakest weakling can move this around.


Daniel Dae Kim

Jin! No, it’s Daniel Dae Kim! No, it’s Jin! The funny thing is when you talk to him, he’s definitely not Jin. He’s born and raised on the east coast and also plays tennis. It’s funny, for a sec we geeked out on some tennis jargon talk. We’re going hit one day. But I put him on my blog since he visited gr/eats today. His meal is cut off, that’s secret. The Ai Yamaguchi piece is still there. Do know that there’s going to be an upcoming event that I’m proud to be part of that involves Daniel. It’s not official yet, but it’ll most likely be in May and for sure in LA. I’ll drop word when it gets set up. Below we’re outside getting blasted by the sun. 2050 sawtelle Blvd gr/eats. Come on through.


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