GR2: Iwai Shunji – Reception Photos Set 2

Thanks DJ Tony Jr!

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Teaching Kids Custom Figures

I was in teacher mode for the second time in a month. This time, I was in Orange County to a room of 30 or so kids ranging from 6 to middle school. Why not show them that custom figures can be art? From the first time out teaching, I learned that there’ll be one who can’t get a start. How do you overcome this? I asked her some question and get negative answers. “No, I can’t do that, no I don’t like that.” My trick was to get her holding a pen. I told her to start by writing her name on the bottom and coloring the base of the figure a solid color. Next thing I knew, she was off to the races. Of course at the end, I said, “good job, it came out fine.” And she said, “no, it’s not.” But I came back with, “I think so” and split out before she could reply negatively. The styles ranged from coloring clean to abstract assembly – most of the works was in a style that I couldn’t fathom. Somehow this project was green lit and disguised as part of a “career day.” Yes, someone or a few among this bunch will go on and do art and maybe they’ll remember custom figures too.

I think the figure below has the cutest cat face ever. Who taught this kid how to do the eyes like this? …and green nose? Love it. I could go on about the goodnesses of each piece. There’s something in all of them that I like. Well, most of them, even from the one who couldn’t get a start.

Thanks Kizuna, DKE, OCBC and JANM.

Tons of kids, each with a custom figure.

See how tiny the girl in orange with the pink glasses is? She’s 6 and did a great job with her figure.


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GR2: Iwai Shunji – Reception Photos Set 1

A fun reception filled with friends, family and fans. From the beginning to the end, a stream of folks walked through his exhibition, Out of the Films. Yes Iwai Shunji has a following that includes a legion of adoring fans, many who are Chinese. It turns out Love Letter and Hana & Alice are two films that were huge hits there. Also see the work of Iwai Shunji available now at: (GR – Iwai Shunji) We’ll post more photos soon.

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GR2: Facial Recognition Reception

Facial Recognition Reception at GR2 was a fun night with an array of visitors.

That’s Matt Furie, Jeremy Fish, and Albert Reyes.

James Kochalka and frequent GR2 visitor, Flora.

Mark Todd and Crew, many are his students!

more pics below.


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GR2: Luke Rook is Grody to the Max Pieces

Pieces from the exhibition. The Otanoshimi bags have been selling. Fun work.

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LA Zine Fest Photos

Pics by Dean Gojobori

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Year of the Snake Reception Photos

Year of the Snake at GR2. Mari Inukai meets Lisa Ling! Art makes people smile.

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GR2: Year of the Snake Art

The work from Year of the Snake is now available here.

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GR2: Year of the Snake Preview Photos

These aren’t all of the pieces, fyi! Below is Jen Tong.

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LA Art Show 2013 Part 2

Photos by Oscar Rios

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LA Art Show 2013 Photos (Set 1 of 2)

Photographs by Oscar Rios

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GR Biennale at JANM / Customs Panel and Rob Sato Workshop Photos

Some images from the last fleeting moments of the Giant Robot Bienanle at JANM. It included a panel discussion on Saturday with Luke Chueh, Yoskay Yamamoto, Scott Tolleson, and David Horvath. Also upstairs was a workshop with Rob Sato.


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CES Day Four

A bit late but photos by Dean Gojobori.

[nggallery id=CES-2013-Day-Four]

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GR2 Living Depictions Art Reception Photos

[nggallery id=gr2-living-depictions-opening-reception]




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Top 10 Shows of 2012


2012 was a pretty great year for shows, but of course, some are way better than others. Here are my top 10!

Psychedelic Furs play tiny Maxwell’s in Hoboken, recapturing some of the magic from the first two awesome albums (at least until they play “Heartbreak Beat”).


Bruce Springsteen! At Madison Square Garden! My first time seeing Bruce live. Everybody should go at least once and soon. He’s the hardest-working man in showbiz.


Swervedriver at Bowery Ballroom. The juggernaut returns!  Frontman Adam Franklin is awesome singing in this band and solo.


Asobi Seksu at Highline Ballroom. Yeah, man! The coolest band in the world keeps smokin’!


Agnostic Front at Warsaw. Three decades along, the veterans show the whippersnappers also on the Power of the Riff bill how it’s done.


Asobi Seksu at Brooklyn Bowl. They count again because Yuki sang through a cold for this show. She is like so great!


Grimes at Hudson River Park. The show almost didn’t happen due to warnings for a thunderstorm, but Grimes could not be denied. Not my sort of music at all, but from the standpoint of delivering a live show — she killed it!


Ringo Deathstarr at Cake Shop. My favorite new band will go on to rule the fucking universe!


Public Image Limited at The Music Hall of Williamsburg. John Lydon has a never-ending supply of bile.


Corrosion of Conformity at St. Vitus. The Animosity-era lineup is having the time of their lives playing shows, judging by the smiles and jokes. “How’s the weather?” asked singer/bassist Mike Dean. This was about a week after Hurricane Sandy. “Too soon!” yelled back an unflappable audience member. New York. You gotta love it.

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The Consumer Electronics Show Photos Day One

GR Correspondant Dean Gojobori hit Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. Here’s what he saw:

[nggallery id=ces-2013-day-one]

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JANM Oshogatsu 2013 New Years

Photos by Kat Rivera. It was an amazing day. Thanks to the JANM staff for the effort that made so many people smile.

[nggallery id=JANM-Oshogatsu-2013-GR-Biennale]

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GR2: Jawbreaker Day Adam Pfahler Photos

[nggallery id=GR2-Jawbreaker-Day-Adam-Pfahler]

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GR2 Printed Matter Art Gallery




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GR2 Printed Matter Opening Photos

What to do on a cold night that’s close to XMas and it’s still an art opening? It’s Printed Matter which isn’t just 2d prints, but also things made in multiples, but at the same time, it’s also Holidays, so that means, Gingerbread house making. Yes, our guests were invited to make cute homes that they could eat later! Some ate them on the spot! Thanks for the visit so close to XMas!

[nggallery id=GR2-2012-Printed-Matter]

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