Christian Bale Roughed Up Makes Great Promo

Can this be a scam? Roughed up might be a nice word for it, but really, how rough was it? His rant and yelling at a crew member in the past is more of a “roughing up”. Surely the crew with Christian Bale knew that visiting an activist who’s heavily guarded would created great news footage in preparation for his Flowers of War film which takes place in China. The Chinese blind activist makes for great news. Great promo for the film. (CNN – Bale)


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  1. Matt
    17 December 11, 9:03am

    Not a scam and not actually not great promo for the film. For any other film, this might be a great publicity stunt, but not for a film partially financed by the state authorities (and that bears the official imprimatur of the Chinese government), it creates a lot of bad tension.

    China is so sensitive about this issue there’s no one way they would have ever approved or anyone connected to film would have thought this was a good idea.

    Not the biggest fan of Bale, but kudos to him for doing something very gutsy. (And a world of difference between yelling at someone and actually physically hitting, shoving and then tailing in an unmarked van.)

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