Similarity By Accident? Battle Royale vs Hunger Games

Hunger Games / Battle Royale? The author of Hunger Games does something so similar and then gives the famous line of “I didn’t know about the other” line. It’s the oldest tactic of ripping something else off. Imagine, editors and staff (tons of them) at publishing houses, literary agents, publishers who passed on the project, friends perhaps, and none could say, “this is a Battle Royale copy?” Not one ever saw the big cult hit movie? (North County Public Radio – Hunger Games)


  1. Pops
    22 March 12, 1:07pm

    Connect the dots? No way! That would mean that George Lucas got everything from all of his movies from reading Moebius strips! Oh wait, he did? Then you’re right!

  2. 22 March 12, 2:45pm

    I thought the same thing when I heard what “Hunger Games” was about. Glad someone said it out loud.

  3. akatsuki
    23 March 12, 1:22am

    No costs for remake rights, and no discussion about ethnicity of the actors, while Hollywood’s Battle Royal remake is now off. Quite alarming as with the success this could mark a new trend.

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