Tonkatsu and Tonki in Meguro

Epic tonkatsu at a spot called Tonki near Meguro station. You walk in and the space is decorated with raw wood everywhere. There’s a wide open kitchen where you see about 6 people working on service, cooking, cutting, and it’s amazing. The katsu is cooked per order so once you sit, you’ll be waiting, but the wait is worth it. It’s perfect all around. You put just a tiny bit of sauce at a time instead of just pouring it all over. I guess it’s no secret, I’m in Tokyo at the moment.

It looks like this and below is how the outside looks. It’s amazing.

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  1. 23 May 12, 10:49am

    [...] Tonki restaurant was founded 73 years ago and while surfing just a bit, I ran into an article about this and then found a post from the past. I’ve been to the shop, and it’s an amazing place. (Japantimes – Tonki) Here’s a post from 2010 on a visit there. It just happens that it’s located near the station and it’s just a cool place. It’s not exactly cheap, but it’s worth the visit. There is something special about the wood counters, seating, and it’s cleanliness for a place that’s cooking in oil. It feels great and clean and they’ll also give you as much cabbage as you handle – sometimes it’s the underdog item. (GR – Tonki) [...]

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