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At first sight, Wang Niandong’s works deliver aesthetic features, because he always portraits pretty ladies of gorgeous faces and charming bodies in bright colors. He gives delicate depictions of the very feminist movements and gestures. However, instead of opposing the aesthetic preferences shown among the populace, Wang has pushed the aesthetic female images to the extremes, delivering them into affected images. Under his paint brush, the young girls are posing like models for show, with stylish hair cuts, delicate faces, stable and mature expressions, and stretched bodies, whether the works are intended to express depression or happiness. Wang has a set of strict procedures for his paintings, from the sketches, to coloring, to the finished product. The whole process is classical and academic. It is fair to say that he is a painter of high skills for realistic presentations.

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It is also fair to say that he likes big boobies.

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Originally posted by kingka
He gives delicate depictions of the very feminist movements and gestures.


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