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05-22-2008, 02:06 PM
China Earthquake Fundraising Event
Silent Art Auction
All Donations Support China Earthquake Relief Efforts

Thursday, May 22nd / 7 pm - 9 pm / Donation $25 per person / at ChinaSquare Gallery

We hope you can join us for a Silent Art Auction raising money for China earthquake relief efforts on Thursday, May 22nd, from 7 to 9pm at ChinaSquare Gallery. Bidding will begin at 7pm and end with a musical performance at 8.30pm.

A suggested donation of $25 per person is appreciated. Please make checks payable to the Red Cross International Relief Fund for Sichuan Earthquake or we will have staff on site to assist with electronic credit card donations.

Warm regards,

ChinasSquare Gallery

We thank the following artists for their generous contributions

Sally Aldrich
Cui Fei
Bonnie Fields
Bing Hu
Duoling Huang
Chen Jiagang
Heungman Kwan
Szetu Keung
Eric Jiaju Lee
Bing Lee
Patrick McMullan
Annysa Ng
Daxin Wu
Lin Yan
George Xiong

For absentee bids or more information please call 212.255.8886

ChinaSquare 中國廣場
545 W 25th St. 8th fl.
Chelsea Arts Tower
New York, NY 10001
Tel. (212) 255-8886
[email protected]


Online live broadcasting is available at the event time.

The People's Republic of China Aid relief organization is comprised of the following founding member organizations:

* 中国西部开发世界联合总会 West China Development International Association
* 四川同乡联谊会 New York Sichuan Association
* 重庆联谊会 ChongqingUSA
* 美国维多利亚游轮集团 Victoria Cruises
* 美国竹乐团 Bamboo Band USA
* 全球艺术家联盟 Global Artist League
* Western Capital Group
* 纽约江西协进会 The Jiangxi Association of New York
* 佳诚地产 Realtor Associates, Inc
* S.F. Systems Ltd.
* Oxora
* Instantstream
* China Square
* Go Go Realty
* Daiichi Gallery
* Arts World USA
* 鹏达旅游
* 丁幼光医师诊所
* Aly Rose
* 美国中国文化中心 US China Culture Center, Inc.
* Christiania Vodk

Our mission is to develop funding for other established not for profit relief organization which directly delivers support to the Sichuan earthquake victims. To become a contributing corporate organizations please send an email to [email protected]

To make individual donations, please send an email with your name, address and phone number to [email protected] Please select one of the following organizations:

* Overseas Save the Chinese Children Foundation
* American Red Cross International Response Fund for Sichuan Earthquake Relief
* Consulate-General of P.R.C. In N.Y

Please specify the amount and the contribution.