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04-10-2010, 01:53 PM

Friend of GRNY Diva (of The Diva Review)recently made me an offer that I couldn't refuse. QUAFF, a J-Pop/Visual Kei powerhouse band from Japan was going to be in NYC to play a live show, and they wanted to come to Giant Robot New York to do a signing for their fans. Of course the answer was yes! Quaff call their music "Hybrid Japanese Rock Sound". There are definitely elements of J-Pop and traditional Visual Kei with some metallic tinges, but these guys also incorporate a lot of Western influences, such as wind instruments and an MC in the band. Their sound is based around the Japanese concept of "uta" (melody) and "tsuzuri" (rap). They've toured the US before, and their fanbase continues to grow every time. If you aren't already familiar with Quaff, check out their artist page on myspace.

So the band will be coming to GRNY from 6 to 8 pm on Saturday April 24th. here's the best part...they will be coming directly from a photo shoot, Seiya, Ukisemi, Makito, SNG, Takuma and Hal will all be dressed to the nines. Quaff fans, I expect no less from you. I want to see beautiful makeup, crazy outfits, and sky-high hair. Represent for J-Pop and VK in NYC, at GRNY! The band will have tour merchandise available for sale, so be ready to get your items and get them signed. Samurai Rock and vivid Japanese visual expression are here to price your skull with the genre-breaking sound of Quaff!

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C'mon bro, don't be mean like that. These chicks look pretty hot.