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Shaw and I were thinking about starting a thread like this. Sweet.

I'm mixing it up, at the suggestion of a co-worker, I'm trying to avoid starches for breakfast. So for the last few days, and for the upcoming days, I'm sticking to half a banana and a huge salad for breakfast. The salad is a mix of pre-packaged iceberg lettuce crap and spinach. With Asian sesame dressing. I ordered a book called The Body Ecology. This guy is pretty smart, he's not a new age mush head, and he said it did wonders for him, eliminating a lot of his health problems. So I figured I'd read it, try it hardcore for a week or two, and see what happens.

I'm at around 210 right now. I remember the first time I hit 200, I was in shock. It's strange how it's just normal now. Strange and bad. I really should be at around 170. That's my goal. The sad thing is I actually can lose weight really fast. My metabolism is okay. I just eat like a maniac.

to be continued...
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