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^ I guess 12 pound a week guy's been losing double digits every week. He's lost 124 pounds so far, and I think that was over, around, 6 weeks. But he was like 400 or so pounds. So, yeah, he's going to lose weight fast if he starts eating a low calorie diet that would make even a 190 pound man lose weight.

Plus, his daily routine is OPTIMUM. He's doing everything a person possibly could under expert diet and exercise supervision.

The Biggest Loser finale is next Wednesday, 8 to 10, on NBC. They go back home to do it on their own. And from what I saw on the Next On, the results are very dramatic.

What's inspiring about this show is that it debunks the myth that when you're not a teenager or someone in your early twenties, it's nearly impossible to get in shape. They're doing the basics, no gimmicks. Cardio, weight training, and, most importantly, healthy, low fat, low calorie eating. They make the world seem so sensible.
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