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Originally posted by shawgirl74
I'm a freak about doing things right and staying healthy, and I know what I'm doing. I think that is why I have waited so long to do this, because I know what it takes and I wasn't willing to do the work. I think people just need to realize that it's NOT EASY and that the process does involve sacrifice-- motivation required!
That's so true. Weight loss is simple, but takes a lot of commitment, the truth is the complete opposite of what infomercials for bogus weight loss products say -- that it's complicated but *pill* makes it easy and simple. Effortless even.

The great thing about legitimate weight loss routines, or living a healthy lifestyle in general, is that they're sustainable (unlike, say, Atkins) and they get easier over time. It becomes a habit, non-intrusive, even an enjoyable part of your life. In the past, I was totally in the swing of things and it took some truly horrendous life events to push me off the path.
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