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Originally posted by mpyre

I just did 26 miles last Saturday...To answer a few Qs:

--How do I feel? I feel like I can run even more. I remember the great elation I felt when I first hit 10. Now I can run that distance without batting an eye.

--Is it fun? I have great "life moments" when I run far. It's like I have to tell myself I might never be able to do this again. I'm also please that nobody forced me to do it--it came from myself.

--In terms of feeling like stopping--for me it's usually a physical thing. Mentally I can push myself to keep going since I know how hard it was to get to that point. But physically, my legs have cramped on me forcing me to stop even though I was not tired at all.

--I get antsy after 17 minutes on a treadmill! I used to run at least 20, but I got nuts after 15. I guess I'm used to setting my own pace.

Oh...a lot of my runs depended on my iPod to keep me going.

Ooops...I wrote a book.
Yeah, at first I imagined myself running while watching TV and Movies on my computer, but I'm realizing now that music is much better. It's the beat. I don't get lost inside the video like I hoped I would. But every now and then, when just the right song comes on, I feel energized. I've also created a folder full of inspirational images -- pics of past friends, athletes, and hot girls. Along with the music playing on iTunes, I activate the screensaver so a slideshow of these images start up. I'll try anything at this point.

At this point, because of the money I spent on the treadmill, along with running about 4 days a week, I'm starting to feel like something is missing if I don't run. I'll skip a day, maybe two, but I'm beginning to think even 6 days a week might be possible.

Mpyre, or anybody, how much running is too much? Is it safe to run 30 to 45 minutes a day every day if you really wanted to?
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