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Re: Re: Re: Tat Ming Pair!!

Originally posted by fmstlr
Originally posted by kimchi_girl
Originally posted by fmstlr
TatMing Pair
"this is how we grew up"

Yes! I love them! I was listening to "Forbidden Colour" just a couple of hours ago. Now I'm listening to "Road Angel" You have great taste!
Thankie Kimchi_girl.

Now do you know where I can find the new CD by "People Mountain People Sea" w/ Anthony Wong?
I bought my copy of "Pretty Happy & Gay" online from This PMPS CD is pretty hard to find in CD shops here in the US. I'm guessing since it's an indie label, there wasn't enough international backing. Here is the direct link to the CD on yesasia...

The first song "Yat Yat" is from Anthony and I kinda like it. It's got a nostalgic 80's dance feel to it. Let me know how you like the CD! Can't wait until he releases his own album...

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