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Old 01-11-2008, 07:39 PM
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So excited... for new apple products that I won't buy. Can't wait.


In other news,

Found out that G series macs are rather poor in what diagnostic software is available... my nix skills were of no use... bad hd... new hd... new install... file system error again.. fsck and disk utility no good, system diagnostics says everything is fine... swapped memory already. checked all connections. maybe overheating, doesn't seem like it... maybe board is failing. who knows. boss too cheap to dish out for disk warrior. not enough time to bother torrenting it.
Everything is strange, yet familiar.

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apple cult, apple fanboy rage, chrome is faster., herro who?, hk=all talk no action, howya like them apples?, lakeside being friendly, noobs, propeller key, puppy fields = niggler, puppy likes to be dumb

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