Game Night 6, WayForward Games, Meat Bun Pop Up Photos

Saturday, a part of the indie gaming community, friends, and passersby got the first glimpse of Mighty Switch Force, a game by WayForward that’s not complete, but partially playable. Also in the house was the new Meat Bun t-shirt line as part of the Meat Bun pop up shop in Giant Robot 2. It’s not all guys playing the games!

More Photos below!

Yes, little kids play games with us too.

The many from WayForward. Thanks much.


  1. 14 October 11, 2:14pm

    [...] Thanks LA Weekly! Game Nights are always fun, and the crowds are getting larger. For this mention, I have to thank all involved starting with the staff, game fans, and the folks we work with to make this work. Meat Bun, Angry Bananas, and Attract Mode. This undoubtedly helps. Next game night targeting for early December. See some photos from the last Game Night here. [...]

  2. 15 March 12, 11:38am

    [...] a cool bunch of fellas who do a great service to games both in and out of LA. Here’s the photo set from our past Game Night with [...]

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