Uglycon Photo Set 1

Here’s photoset 1 from Uglycon! There will be more photos and more words.


  1. 21 June 13, 3:13pm

    [...] oh, Look who just got caught stealing a cookie… At last weekend’s Uglycon Event at the Giant Robot 2 Gallery in Los Angeles, I got a lot of praise for passing out wooden [...]

  2. 31 December 13, 9:42am

    [...] 7 Uglycon – It’s not the fact that Uglycon took place after a hiatus, it’s the fact that it ran as smooth as can be. Tying in the neighborhood worked out and that’s now part of my future plans in the area. We’ll do more with the neighborhood. It’ll only get better and we’ll be holding Uglycon 2014 as well. (Uglycon 2013) [...]

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