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A line in Asia Carrera's bio reads, "I was grounded for every 'B' I got, and beaten for getting anything lower than that. I was not allowed to socialize at all...." Shortly thereafter, the future Amerasian (half-Japanese, half-German) porno star, at 17, became a runaway and shacked up on people's sofas and in camping tents.

But a high SAT score and her MENSA brains gave her a full ride to Rutgers University. Yet the free room and board was just a temporary stop. When she wasn't at school, Asia brought home the green by getting naked on stage. From her humbling hard times, she was humbling people's hard-ons and soon became one of the top dancers in New Jersey. Dancing was bringing in the loot and formal education took a backseat.

The stage was only a launching pad for the real big money of video in which she became one of the biggest stars in porno. Asia retired at her peak in 1998 to get into writing and directing while she also learned HTML to master her own Web site []. But in 1999, the 5' 8-1/2" full-figured star came out of her retirement because of the lack of sex.

GR: Your academics and education play a role in your life in the industry. What does it take to have longevity in the industry?

ASIA: The only thing it takes to have longevity in this industry is eternal youth. As long as you look young and sexy, you will get work. The academics and education don't come into play unless you want to move beyond just being a starlet, to behind the camera, into the realm of production. That's where you need ingenuity and tenacity to come up with new and different ideas for making movies and money. In an industry that puts out about 7,000 movies last year, making something that will stand out is no easy task.

GR: How high is your IQ? How many others in pornoland have an IQ that high?

ASIA: I was tested at 154 and 156 at different times, but I can only speak for myself. I have no idea what anyone else's IQ is in this industry, since it's not usually the first thing they ask porn stars in interviews-I don't know why I'm so lucky, hahaha.

GR: What does being smart and being in porno have to do with each other? Would you say that many in porno are stupid? Or are people making the assumption that if you're smart you should be doing something else?

ASIA: There is no correlation between porn stars and idiocy levels. The stereotype of the brain-dead bimbo who couldn't get a job at McDonald's is an exaggerated myth. Most of the girls are here because they're trying to do the best they can with a crappy hand that life dealt them. There's a lot of opportunities here for girls who are down on their luck to turn things around for themselves, to make some good money, feed their kids, go back to school, whatever. And a lot of girls do just that. With movies, dancing on the road, personal appearances, fan clubs, Web sites, product endorsement, toy/merchandise lines, etc., there's an endless string of opportunities for any girl to take advantage of in pornoland, if she's willing to put in the time and effort.

GR: Asian men or non-Asian men?

ASIA: I prefer Asian men as my fans, because when I do personal appearances, they are always the quietest, most polite, well-behaved, and loyal fans around. I am very lucky that most of my fans are Asian because I never have to worry about my appearances being overrun by rowdy, drunken college kids or rednecks straight out of the bar down the street. But for] personal relationships, I prefer non-Asian men because I will always have a problem looking at an Asian man-especially older ones-in a relationship without thinking of my dad.

GR: Play Doh or Silly Putty?

ASIA: Definitely Silly Putty. You can copy the comics with Silly Putty, and Silly Putty doesn't get all crumbly and useless after sitting in your closet for 10 years.

GR: Ramen or udon?

ASIA: I prefer udon, but I'm lazy, so I only eat ramen.

GR: Hello Kitty or Mickey Mouse?

ASIA: Hello Kitty has always struck me as a really dumb cartoon with no appeal whatsoever. How can a cartoon that doesn't talk or communicate ever hope to have any sort of personality? Mickey Mouse is lame because Disney has made him so politically correct that he has no personality either, but at least he talks.

GR: Is there a need to have more sex to compensate for making fewer films?

ASIA: Part of the reason I'm looking forward to making movies again is because I was turning into a eunuch sitting around the house on my computer, 24/7. I can barely remember what sex is like anymore. Maybe I'll go watch an Asia Carrera flick to refresh my memory.

GR: Does something happen to your body when you go from making 50 movies a year to one a month then to none?

ASIA: Well, there was definitely a time when I was really starting to get burned out on sex from shooting too much, but I eased up and started shooting less, and that solved that. I'm still not gonna feel like hopping into the sack at home after wrapping up a long day of shooting sex scenes, but making movies did definitely raise my appetite for the quantity I like to have in total-whether I'm working or not. Before I started making movies, once or twice a week was plenty for me, and now my ideal is more like twice a day, but I'll settle for once a day.
GR: What's the longest day you've had on set and why was it so long?

ASIA: Our days frequently run 18 hours or more, and everyone can tell horror stories of 24-hour shoots, or seven-day shoots with three-hour turnarounds every night. The time constraints and budgets force us to push the talent and crew to superhuman lengths to get the product done in time. And pushing for a superior piece of product means beating everyone on the set to death-no exceptions. There isn't a director in Hollywood that could do what we do in pornoland with the budget and time we're given, and nobody but the actual talent and crew will ever know the sheer blood, sweat, and tears that go into even the lousiest of porno projects. Things always go wrong, and delays are inevitable, with the most common causes being late/incapacitated/irresponsible talent, or a failure to get a hard-on/pop shot during a sex scene. Then there's camera /technical difficulties, permit/neighbor/police problems, drunk/drugged-out/primadonna starlets; the list of inevitable shooting delays goes on and on. We like to say, "We work for free, we get paid to wait."

GR: I've seen a few films, and you've played the more submissive character. Is that for the most part true, or do you get aggressive as well? Is there a favorite role to play? Or is it all play acting or is it part of your "shy" persona?

ASIA: I have played every role out there, from the shy, virginal young girl to the experienced brazen hussy, from the airheaded porno bimbo to the calculating, bitchy business woman, and every race that has black hair-Greek, Indian, Gypsy, Asian, Italian, you name it! I've played mothers and daughters, and I've even played a guy, complete with moustache, sideburns, and strap-on. Because I can act-I took acting specifically to get better roles in pornoland, and studied under two different coaches-I get all sorts of neat roles to play, and I can play pretty much any role they give me, mostly because I'm so quiet and I have no personality of my own, so taking on any character is easier because I'm starting with a blank slate and creating it from there.

GR: Why did you copy Tia Carrere's last name? Are you a fan or friend of hers? Has there been any communication back and forth?

ASIA: When I was a stripper in New Jersey, everyone always told me I looked like Tia Carrere. I spelled the name differently to prevent a lawsuit, even though she took her name from Barbara Carrera. I saw her once at an airport, and my husband got her autograph, but I didn't go with him to ask, just in case she knew who I was and wanted to whup my butt!

GR: Why is a facial cum shot so precious in porno? Why is it that many porn actresses wait or don't want to do it until "later"? Is that the same with anal?

ASIA: Anal is definitely something to hang onto until you can get a premium for it, but facials, not as much. Facials are usually just more a thing of personal preference for the girls, and I personally find them to be degrading and not very erotic, especially when it's in my eyes and really burning like battery acid.

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