asia carrera
sexual kung fu

You're walking your dog in the park one sunny afternoon
As you pass a woodsy area, you hear rattling in the bushes nearby;
your dog thinks it's just a squirrel or something and takes a leak.
Yeah, think again: It's the sound of sex.
Public sex goes on everywhere in the world and it's not only a gay phenomenon.
Straight married men make up a decent percentage of public sex participants.
There's even a special term coined for the act in which these outdoorsmen
engage: "cruising." Cruisers hook up in places like adult book shops,
health spas and gyms, public bathrooms, and public parks
Action happens everywhere from the bushes to the toilets.

Public bathrooms aka Tea Rooms, are where a guy can take a leak and get a quickie
while he's still standing (This includes oral sex and handjobs.).
Sometimes, bathroom stalls have holes carved or drilled into them. A person on one side of the stall
can stick his penis through or his backside against the hole, while the other guy can suck,
lick or perform whatever act he likes.
"Glory holes" are rare and hard to find since they are easily patched, but they do exist.

Keith Griffith is the founder and Webmaster of,
one of the most concise and detailed sites dedicated to the art of cruising.
His site has lots of FAQs for beginners and experts.
It also includes important information about HIV/AIDS, a "Communal Stall Wall"
where people can post and read messages, and most importantly, an extensive list of places to cruise.
The four major areas are divided into the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the UK,
where hundreds of people post active cruising spots. I even found some on Japan
(mostly Tokyo), Korea, Philippines and Taiwan. [ next page ]

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