Master Mantak Chia is the world's leading authority on the art and philosophy of Sexual Kung Fu.

Notwithstanding whatever bizarre images the term may conjure up, it really refers to the channeling of sexual energy up to the brain and other organs for improved health. Chia's Taoist Secrets of Love is a detailed manual of his esoteric practices and positions designed for pleasure and the exchange of yin and yang energy. The title of his recent The Multi-Orgasmic Male is self-explanatory. Both books, and more, are available at We reached the sexual Master at his 45-acre Tao Garden near Chiang Mai, Thailand.

GR: What is Sexual Kung Fu, and what are its benefits?
MC: Sexual Kung Fu is a practice to transform sexual energy back to life force, rather than let the energy flow out. Sexual energy is the same as our DNA and RNA, and can turn into the healing energy, life force, and spiritual energy.

GR: How can a man have an orgasm without ejaculating? Aren't they the same thing?
MC: There are two different things in orgasm. Orgasm starts from being aroused until before the ejaculation. People think that the orgasm and ejaculation is one thing, but actually they are two different things.

GR: How does a man have the feeling without ejaculating? Is there a physical technique or is it a mental discipline?
MC: You can feel the orgasm when you start to have sexual arousal, and it will increase all the time until before the ejaculation; the ejaculation is the end of orgasm. A man can feel the orgasm for many hours after the love-making stops, while also feeling more energetic and more love. There are both physical and mental practices.

GR: It's been said that Chairman Mao used to have sex with young women in order to take their youthful energy. Have you heard of this practice? Is it possible to become an energy vampire?
MC: The real practice is sharing the yin-yang energy, not the energy vampire.

GR: Is there Sexual Kung Fu for women?
MC: Yes, there is Sexual Kung Fu for women.

GR: How does a woman practice Sexual Kung Fu?
MC: Women loses energy through the menstruation, so women's sexual Kung Fu is to transform the blood back to chi.

GR: Are there any famous people who have studied Sexual Kung Fu?
MC: There are many famous people who study this, but they do not like other people to know.

GR: What do you think about Viagra?
MC: People might need it when they have problems with erection.

GR: If the male and female exchange yin and yang energy to create a balance, is homosexuality hazardous to one's health?
MC: In the homosexuality, there is also yin and yang for each couple.

GR: What kinds of health problems come from men spilling too much of their seed?
MC: All kinds of diseases could come from spilling too much of men's seeds.

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