Los Angeles Nista Episode 11 – Revisiting my time with Giant Robot and a link

I haven’t done any public speaking about Giant Robot magazine since it bit the dust in November 2010. So I was surprised and flattered when my friend Eddie Solis (from the band It’s Casual) asked me to be on his radio show which has featured the likes of Chuck Dukowski (Black Flag), Keith Morris (OFF!, Black Flag), Dimitri Coats (OFF!), pro skater and musician Mike Vallely (Elephant Skateboards, Good for You), and Rick Kosick (Big Brother magazine, Jackass).

My particular episode streamed live on Monday night, and I was indeed a good fit since the magazine that Eric and I started was definitely a product of Los Angeles, punk rock, and even skateboarding. Eddie and I talked about all of those things and how they factored into the stapled-and-folded zine that became a mini-art and culture empire. I’ve had a lot of thoughts and emotions bottled up since moving on, and it felt good to let some of it out. Hopefully that came through.

I also got to play some music: J Church, Cringer, Clive Chin, Santic, Dirty Beaches, Romanes, Guitar Wolf, Paranmaum. Eddie played some track from the upcoming Good for You LP, too, featuring Mike V and Greg Ginn. Cranking and sharing your favorite music is the best.

Driving home, I began thinking about how great it felt to talk about the work I did, especially since the magazines are basically out of circulation and its memory is fading like a fart in the wind. Yet Giant Robot’s impact and spirit are still being felt, not only through the work that Eric is still doing in the world of indie art but also through readers who have gone on to to rad things, like Eddie.

Check out the podcast HERE or on iTunes and let me know what you think.


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    [...] Eddie Solis’s radio show, Los Angeles Nista. And then I got to hear a couple more songs when I was the guest the very next week. But now that it’s been in my hard drive for a while and the MP3s and vinyl officially drop [...]

  4. Littlefish
    29 March 13, 8:40pm

    Although by subscribing to a great many number of Asian centric RSS feeds, there is a great deal of content that I can read, but nothing seems to replace the feeling of getting another issue of giant robot in the mail. Giant robot blog is always at the top of my list, I will keep reading as long as you guys keep updating it with new stuff.

  5. Riley
    11 September 13, 3:05am

    Hey Martin,

    Its good to hear this, glad you still feel something for the work you previously did. I clearly remember the shutting down of GR SF in tandem with the magazine, and coming to the store as it was shutting down. Hopefully whatever you do now is just as fulfilling.


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