Coldplay Classy in Tribute to MCA


I’m not a Coldplay fan but this is classy. (corrected, yes, his name his not two words. How fancy.)



  1. Brandy
    05 May 12, 9:54am

    Just fyi, Coldplay is one word.

  2. Terry C - NJ
    05 May 12, 1:54pm

    When Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, Coldplay was also on tour. They did “Billie Jean” in his memory at a couple of their concerts.

    That’s just the way Chris, Jon, Guy and WIll are….classy gentlemen. One of the reasons I ♥ Coldplay.

  3. Remy
    05 May 12, 2:14pm

    Just fyi, Coldplay is not one person.

  4. Paul
    05 May 12, 5:21pm

    This is blasphemous. It’s an absurdly terrible rendition of a cool song. Cold Play sucks so hard!

  5. sparky jabrones
    05 May 12, 5:43pm

    you don’t have to qualify it by saying you’re not a fan….its o.k. to think some things coldplay does is pretty good. because it is.

  6. esteefee
    05 May 12, 9:32pm

    snif. thanks for this.

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