Pixelated Cloud Buildings


The Pixelated cloud by architects MVRDV connects two building with a mass of pixels. It all looks like 9/11 according to Gizmodo, it’s resembles planes hitting buildings and then an explosion. Not the best image for a building that’ll be up by 2015. (Gizmodo – Pixel Buildings)


  1. Richard Howes
    16 December 11, 1:29pm

    I think this shows very poor taste and should be boycotted at all cost. What kind of sick bastards do we have in this world. I hope God has mercy on their poor wreched souls and sick minds. Because if it were up to me, I would put the bastards to death just for thinking of such a thing.

  2. heh
    22 December 11, 7:48pm

    its supposed to be a cloud you idiot. death? really?

    What kind of sick bastards do we have in this world?

    apparently the kind who would put someone to death for designing a pixelated cloud building

    • 23 December 11, 9:37am

      strange use of english you idiot or we idiot. yes death. we can’t tell who you’re talking about. we have many sick bastards. idiot.

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